Oscars: The Icarus Factor


Either this world is a collection of meaningless and random events or, by contrast, things often (or always) happen for some reason.

Hollywood’s Oscar ceremony witnessed a major glitch (yeah, someone tweaked the program). The wrong envelope was handed to a pair of cinema icons, so that they could read the wrong winner of Best Picture. How embarrassing.

I’m in China, where such a public mistake is considered even more grievous than it is in the US. The shame of it all. I guess the sense of humiliation would be shared by the Japanese: please bring me a sword, right now, so that I can kill myself.

Was it Karma? Cosmic payback? Angering the gods? Punishment for the endless sermons on the podium?

I go to see movies for the stories these actors flesh out, and they generally seem like decent, smart people. Very talented. At acting.

How entertainment and politics became fused together is beyond me. Well, it goes back decades I suppose. And some of the actors and actresses (not all) deliver their commentary in an arrogant manner. On both liberal and conservative sides. Lately the limousine liberals are prominent, but many conservative actors have pushed the agenda of the Pentagon – being on the god squad and all…

Granted, actors are entitled their First Amendment rights. But when actors take the stage, or speak at the podium, I for one would be interested in their perspective on acting, their insights into meaning and symbolism of a production, or a story about something that happened on the set.

Call me crazy. I would be more interested in actors talking about acting. Not that watch these ceremonies, but clips show up in my social media.


Karma’s vehicle for punishment was a Hollywood stooge (now a scapegoat) Brian Cullinan. Fate made him pull the wrong envelope. Why him and not someone else? Because this toady spent the night completely starstruck. As the Daily Mail reports:

“It is unclear what caused the mistake, but it is known that Cullinan had spent the night snapping photos of celebrities and posting them on social media, including one of Stone moments before Beatty took the stage.”

Perfect. Yes, seems like divine timing.

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