DNC Confession


I recently came across an article from a few months ago, casting some negative light on the workings of the Democratic National Committee during the primaries.

I point to this article without having any allegiance whatsoever to the counterpart, the Republican National Committee… Traditionally, both parties have protected power, and the abuse thereof.

Just a few months ago – and precious few people noticed – the DNC actually admitted this bias.

The financial backers of Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for fraud and misrepresentation – for pretending to hold a fair primary.

The DNC’s legal reply to this lawsuit exposes that organization’s corruption. Here is an excerpt from an article linked below:

“On October 14, the DNC filed its brief in support of its motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and some of its defenses are real whoppers.  The brief begins with the usual fare – arguments over procedural defects and jurisdiction.  But nestled in the brief are two arguments that are deeply disturbing. First, there’s the contention by the DNC that the Bernie Sanders donors knew that the committee was biased. Second, and even more disturbing, is the argument that any statements about being neutral and fair to all candidates if made by the DNC were nothing but ‘political promises’ and are unenforceable at law.”

There you have it. So instead of focusing on DNC (or RNC, depending) corruption, the mainstream media speculates that Russia (and not someone else) hacked our electoral system – by presumably helping to expose DNC corruption!

Personally I am not interested in the technicalities of whose hackers hacked the DNC. I am more interested in the recently estabished fact that the DNC conducted false primaries, making a mockery of the entire process.





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