The AI Economy


A few years ago I reached a conclusion similar to the one presented below by Texas Shrugged in the video below.

Previously, I was also under the assumption that the US economy, and chunks of the world economy, were doomed to collapse. The 2008 meltdown gave the false impression that things were spinning out of control.

But we do not live in a real “economy.” I made the case that political regimes operate over and above any “economy,” which never implodes or collapses unless there has been a separate political decision to do so.

By contrast, neo-liberals, Marxists, libertarians, Austrians, etcetera.., are all under the impression – false, I think – that the “economy” is relatively autonomous, that it has its own internal and coherent set of rules. Many of these scholars even speak of “economic laws,” which is something I find to be completely preposterous. Wishful thinking, really.

Taking the politics-above-economics argument even farther, it is possible to consider the operation of a kind of super computer, or Artificial Intelligence, managing the flow of money in very precise ways. If reflecting a human design, then perhaps it is a computer on par with those of Google, where a simple search can yield millions of results in less than a second. I suspect that the computers maintaining the economy are more powerful, and they might even be of a non-human design.

This video is 27 minutes but the first third is really the core part:

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