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Above, ridicolous set dressing at CERN. So a leading physicist has just a laptop and then piles of papers heaped everywhere. The Albert Einstein look. The only think missing is a chalkboard with a bunch of nonsense written on it. But that would have given away the charade.

One of the most common explanations for the Mandela Effect is that the globalists behind CERN are opening a portal to the next dimension to manipulate reality. This is a childish explanation, I think.


The clown at CERN, shown above, is just a stooge. He was probably enticed from a bar. At best, those in charge of CERN (and those at the top of the globalist pyramid) presume themselves to be the intermediaries between this world and a more powerful force.

CERN, which produces fake data, is nothing more than a studio set, and there is no evidence of the giant underground tunnel (or of the thousands of tons of dirt that would have needed to be removed).

If one is to believe that reality is being manipulated, or engineered, it makes more sense to look to a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that operates off the chain as a kind of rogue machine, parasiting on humanity with algorithmic precision.

There appears to be a mathematical basis to this steady churning of reality into a realm of seven billion people that just experienced two world wars and that is about to experience a third. There appears to be a non-human and anti-human dimension to the unleashing of these numbers.

There is not a ghost in the machine; there is a machine in our ghosted reality.

Tom Montalk, among others, present an interesting take on this possibility with a discussion of the “Demiurge.” Historically, groups have alternated between viewing the force behind the Demiurge as benevolent and just on the one hand, and as malevolent and predatory on the other. Lately, the latter view appears to be more common, often with the added observation that originally the Demiurge operated with harmony but that it has become hijacked and corrupted. Our Fallen World.

Here is a short explanatory videos. I agree with about 90% of it.

It is 5 minutes.




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