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At the risk of sounding like Johnny one-note I will be posting on the Mandela Effect for a few more days. It is the most interesting thing since the Spinning Ball v. Geocentric argument.

When I conclude this deep dive I feel obliged to offer my own theory regarding what is happening. And it has nothing to do with the clowns at CERN. But yes, I think reality has changed from the inside out.

For now, I would like to briefly address another topic into which I took a deep dive about 15 years ago: the JFK assassination.

I do not have a clear line on the Mandela Effect in the JFK case. I’m just dazed and confused. There are other more clear (for me) cases of certain changes, but this one here is more speculative. Still interesting though.

What makes this case interesting is that there may be, in fact, some intriguing “residue” of the old timeline, the old memory of the event, in contrast to how the assassination is now depicted.

I know some people think the entire event was some kind of psy-op…. maybe maybe not. But John F. Kennedy disappeared from this world, never to be seen again. And cultish forces, back in DC, spent the weekend with all kinds of death rituals, including swapping out the carpet in the Oval office from blue to red.

How many people were in the car when Kennedy was shot?

Lots of people assume that the Kennedy’s were in the back, and Governor Connally was riding shotgun next to the driver. (Connally’s wife Ladybird rode in the car behind the Kennedy’s with the Johnsons, in that timeline).

So there were four people in the car? Was not Jackie Kennedy the only woman in the car?


Above: Residual evidence of a four seater?

A few years ago an conspiracy theory circulated that the driver briefly turned around and popped Kennedy with some kind of gun, giving him the coup de grace. That scenario, not entirely convincing, was dependent on the Zapruder film (an older version of it), and dependent on the driver being an arms reach away form JFK.

In any case, virtually all the photos and videos of the assassination today show six people in the car, with Governor Connally and his wife behind a driver and another guy, presumably Secret Service.


The Zapruder film now shows six people in the car.

Here is an intriguing video by Esoteric Detective.

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