Mandela Effect on World Map


In the above map, the blue lines represent – for many people – the world map that they grew up with, and the black lines show the world as it is on today’s maps (and oddly superimposed, retroactively, on older maps, according to the Mandela Effect.)

I do remember when South America was more to the West, and less jutting out to the East.

In the India Ocean, I remember being surprised at how far North the island of Madagascar had drifted. I always remember it farther South and closer to Africa.

Under India, I remember when Sri Lanka was under the very bottom of India, like a teardrop. Today this island is to the East of India.


Above: Sri Lanka was more directly under India.

Below: The island is now northwest of its former position.

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I also remember Japan and the Philippines as being a little farther away from the Asian continent than they are today. Unlike many others, however, I always remember the Korean peninsula exactly where it is.

Australia does seem to have drifted northwards after the Mandela Effect. I remember it being more surrounded by open water – and not separated from Papua New Guinea by a short distance. That was the point of Australia, right? That this continent evolved in relative isolation “Down Under.”

Unlike many others, I remember New Zealand as pretty much where it is, although perhaps a little farther North.

Here is a map of the pre-Mandela Effect world with Australia in the former position (and New Zealand a little more to the North). Is the map “residue”?

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Two videos here.

Here is a fascinating 8 minute video, by Texas Shrugged Books. To me the video suggests some early 1990s predictive programming filled with “Easter eggs.”

Below is a 17 minute video by MoneyBags73. It is thought provoking. I don’t agree with all the conclusions, but it is very interesting and well done. Of course, the video uses the “globe” to highlight changes, but these theoretically apply to any map projection.

In the video below, the narrator mentions other cases that might resonate with some people.

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