A One-State Solution


Nothing – absolutely nothing – will ever change on the Korean peninsula for the better within the framework of the Six Party Talks. Yesterday’s post tried to call attention to this reality.

There is another doomed and failed diplomatic framework about to get more attention: the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

The two-state solution has always been, is, and will always be… a ruse. For decades, this proposal has only served the ultra-Orthodox and Likud goal of settling and colonizing the Occupied Territories. The two-state solution is designed to buy time, so that settlements can continue unabated.

Palestinian leaders, who are bought and paid for, participate in the charade of the two-state solution.

The problem underlying the two-state solution is the approximately half a million Israeli settlers on the West Bank will never agree to being governed by any form of Palestinian authority.

In whose universe is this even possible? What a complete joke.

The only way Israeli settlers on the West Bank will ever concede to a Palestinian government is if Palestinian lands are divided up into South African-style Bantustans, with no territorial integrity whatsoever, and are just shards of sovereignty over the shittiest land. This was actually the proposal advanced during the Clinton era, and even a bought-and-paid for Palestinian leadership could not accept it.

The map above shows a proposed Palestinian state compartmentalized into no less than 25 Bantustans by a system of Israeli-patrolled roads. What a complete joke.

A more realistic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem is the crafting of a pluralistic, multi-ethnic and secular state encompassing all of Israel and all of the Occupied Territories.

Such a state would resemble a western-style democratic republic, or even neighboring Lebanon, but it would have to abandon the anachronism that it was a Jewish state. No state should exist of, by and for a particular religion. What an insult to humanity.

After six major wars, two Intifidas and the emergence of a horrendous apartheid system, someone, somewhere (ideally the UN Security Council) should force Israel to answer a question based on John Kerry’s observation. Israel can be Jewish or democratic, but not both. Which is it going to be?

The Palestinians are wasting their time pressing for nationhood. Besides, their only leadership has either been complicit with Zionism or it has degenerated into Islamic fundamentalism.

If Palestinians really hope to win support in the West, and especially in the US, they should consider pressing for civil rights, civil liberties, and equal protection under the law – similar to the African-American civil rights movement.

Palestinians would be wise to declare that they simply want to participate in a pluralistic system that evolves towards non-discrimination. There is also a lot of support for this position among secular Israelis.

Immediately, the political parties with the most clout would be those appealing to broad swaths of Israeli and Palestinian moderates. These parties would eclipse those who think they are on the “god squad,” and Christian Zionists back in America would finally be shamed into silence.

What objections, after all, can Christian Zionists make towards Palestinian demands for full citizenship within a secular state?

Religion is for weddings and funerals.

A one-state solution would begin to purge Israel and the Occupied Territories of the poisonous strains found in each of the Old Testament religions: the sense of religious and even genetic superiority, the authoritarian claims, the certainty, the arrogance, and the endless justifications of violence.

I do not expect all readers to agree with my opinions. But if you really think the two-state solution is viable, then the joke is on you. And you’re a moron.

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