Fake News?


NBC started the rumor I believe. That Russia was considering handing Edward Snowden over to the Trump administration to curry favor. This does not seem like a legitimate story.

First I really doubt that the Russian government would consider such a move, which would be condemned within Russia itself.

Second I really doubt that the Trump administration wants to deal with the political fallout at home of a Snowden return. This would split the conservatives and the libertarians. Conservatives are statists when it is convenient for them; and libertarians prioritize freedom of information over national security. Both groups are found among Trump supporters, so there would be infighting.

Is Snowden’s response to the rumor even accurate? Did he really tweet that he would look forward to being extradited back to the US? Or is this just more fake news?

Apparently Snowden – unlike Assange – does not have the full Apocalypse files. If he did he would enjoy a certain amount of immunity – or extra-judicial protection you might say. If he released those files, and if anyone still wanted to go after him, well, those people would be very easy targets.

I’m disappointed that Snowden would really consider a lifetime behind bars or consider facing execution. Whatever his crimes might have been, they pale beside those who have abused power, lied to Congress, and operated outside the bounds of the Constitution of the United States.

For that reason Snowden should be unwilling to ever face “justice” in the United States. If Russia is really toying with the idea of handing Snowden over (which I doubt), he simply needs to go to the airport and find a new country.

This world is like a theme park with many rides. And yet most people choose to take the same ride over and over, all day long (living in one country that is). Snowden should just throw his life to the wind and see where it takes him.



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