Food Crisis


I would say that there is a food crisis going on in the United States.

First, average life expectancy is beginning to edge downward, as diabetes and other related illnesses take their toll. Second, even average male height dopped a bit and became lower than the European average, largely because American food is so nutrient deprived. Much of the food is genetically-modified, sugary, salty, chemical laden, overly processed…

Third, obesity rates are through the roof… Nothing wrong with people having some extra poundage, but American obesity rates are now at world-historic levels.

I was a normal 177 lbs just before going to the US, and now I’m am back at 177 – but not before spiking at 187 for the few weeks that I was in the US. It was unavoidable, and I struggled to eat right.

Long aisles for potato chips. All kinds… How many different kinds of cereal can there be in a single universe? Cooler after cooler for soft drinks. It was difficult to find anything halfway decent. Maybe a yogurt. A tasteless apple.

Eating healthy in the US means shelling out serious cash for at specialty stores like Trader Joes or whatever. The healthier the item, the more expensive it is…

You could ask America’s worst enemies to design its system of food availability, its distribution of fast food chains, and you would end up with something similar to what we have.


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