Few people in the media are making the argument – ethical, legal and political…

Hopefully the courts will make the distinction between right and wrong. I think it might take several court cases to do this.

The executive branch will probably witness confirmation that it can suspend new visa applications from specific countries, but that it must honor all existing visas – tourist, employment, residency, unless it wants to submit each visa holder to due process in a court of law.

That should have been the policy all along, in hindsight. The administration should have simply said “guess what? we are no longer accepting new visa applications from these countries until we establish a better vetting system” or something to that effect.

What ended up  happening was a political mistake as well as a terrible injustice to people who already had a visa. In the process, we got to witness how immigration officials at airports operate without a concience.

For example, at Dulles Airport a 5-year old Iranian tourist was detained in handcuffs at one point… How does something like that even begin to happen?

Did the Trump administration really intend to suspend the visas of ordinary Middle Eastern students and family members as they were in mid flight?

I refuse to believe anyone can be this politically reckless. Somewhere, someone on on the sidelines – the usual puppet masters – gave this order its grotesque form, and then manipulated it into existence. I mean, consider the alternative: that this administration is trying to sabotage itself.

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