Reasonable people can disagree over Iran’s recent missile tests, and whether or not these violate nuclear treaties.

It is difficult, however, for US Defense Secretary James Mattis to accuse Iran of being a “state sponsor of terrorism” after it has spent so many years fighting terrorism in Syria.

Russia dismissed the US claim that Iran sponsors terrorism, and it knows something about this from being involved in Syria.

There are only two sides in the conflict in Syria. One side represents the only real legitimate force in the country: the government of Syria, with representation in the UN General Assembly. This secular government is allied with Russia, Iran, and the Lebanese party Hezbollah.

The other side of the conflict includes terrorists only. These mostly jihadist organizations seek to illegally overthrow the Syrian government, and they are backed by the European Union, the UK, the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (although Turkey seems to have largely switched sides).

The Pentagon, the CIA, etc… are quick to slander Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism, which is ironic considering their own backing of Islamic terrorists not only in Syria (where they were unsuccessful) but also in Libya (where they were successful).

At some point, I would like to hear US Defense Secretary James Mattis deny that the US has been sponsoring terrorism in Syria for the past five years. That would be rich.

Perhaps in the same press conference, Mattis might also deny that Iran has been fighting Islamic jihadists in Syria for the past five years. That would really make my day…

In reality Iran is highly integrated into Southwest Asia’s economic and political infrastructure. Iran and China cooperate extensively on all manner of items.

I am not a fan of any religious regime, including Iran’s. But the “terrorism” charge is ludicrous.

Even if recent missile tests did not violate the treaties, it was a bonehead move on Iran’s part. Well, it was designed to keep the game going.

When it comes to the definition of “state sponsor of terrorism” it is important to be accurate.

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