Nasty Divorce


Britain is about to enter into negotiations with the European Union regarding its exit. I predict that these are not going to go well.

The EU is like a bitter soon-to-be ex wife, all lawyered up, in the middle of divorce negotiations. She wants everything.

In this case, the EU is going to demand tens of billions of dollars for the right of Britain to leave. Why? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Also, the EU is expecting that Britain will not enter into any formal trade agreements with any other party during the negotiation. I think even flirting with others is frowned upon. Sounds like the conditions of a celebrity divorce.

The British can be overly polite as we all know. Just stop the car. And kick the bitch out of it.

Meantime, the EU is upset that the Trump administration is not giving it sufficient respect, even though the EU presides over economic stagnation with millions upon millions of unemployed, and an ongoing currency crisis.

The EU participated in the recent warmongering in Libya and Syria, producing the refugee crisis in the first place.

The EU has no real vision of the future, other than micromanaging the lives of Europeans from its grey, bureaucratic hub in Brussels.

The EU is not wild about Trump’s expected choice for EU envoy, Ted Malloch, because he would not kowtow to Europe’s political aristocracy and would instead raise tough questions.

If the EU rejects Malloch, it will only confirm that it cannot take a little criticism, that it does not respect the views of a major partner, and that it is determined to live in its bubble.

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