Arena Football in China


CCTV just had a lengthy report about American football in China, but the kind played in an arena surrounded by padding.

There are several advantages to arena football. The field is much smaller, so players rarely get up to full speed to spear one another… The injuries are not as serious.

Also, the teams combine half American and half Chinese players, and encourages on field celebrations and antics. So the league is not just about the cutthroat approach of winning is everything. Of course winning is important, but having fun is more important. This football league is about entertainment and showmanship. For these players, the NFL stands for the “No Fun League.”¬†Plus the cheeleaders are cute.

Arena football’s advantages are evident when one considers the NFL playoff games of a few weeks ago. They were so boring. Hopefully the superbowl will be better, although one of the downsides of living in Asia is that, for me, I will simply watch youtube highlights of the game. I’m not going to wake up in the ¬†middle of the night to watch NFL.

But I will watch prime time Chinese arena football.

Here are two quick two minute videos.

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