Same Old, Same Old


One of the luxuries of the American oligarchy is that the country’s long-term memory is non-existent.

A rigged election? Why, how could such a thing happen?

The 2000 election was stolen in Florida and the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio, among other examples, perhaps even including 1960.

I do not have a dog in the two-party fight. I favor Stein/Baracka of the Green Party, and I have little skin in the game, working in China, being Panamanian also, etc…

So I think I can reasonably say that from a distance this election looks extremely rigged. The election “polls” are fabricated, products of people and political groups with close ties to Clinton. The mainstream media, too, might as well be “deep state media” and blatantly favors Clinton.

I still think the oligarchy would be happy with a Trump win, and that much of the current hubub is theatrical. For this reason, stealing the election for Clinton is less about selecting Clinton, and more about perpetuating a war on the intelligence of the American mind. It is about maintaining the Big Lie. It is about deception, and that is a goal in and of itself. Lying. And then lying some more.  Lying places distance between them and us.

Lying is the primary goal of the people runing the country – not power, not profit, but just simply lying.

And getting away with it.


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