Free Will Fallacies


Don’t bother her, she’s busy, excercising her free will!

I got a little grief yesterday about my claim that “free will” has been so greatly diminished, so greatly constricted, that it has been rendered absurd.

I did not say that people have zero free will. I said it is too diminished to be able to use as an excuse for maintaining the current system – or as a basis for “judgment.”

Let’s consider what everyone is talking about these days: the 2016 election. American voters exercised “free will” in selecting Bernie Sanders, but that selection was denied by the power elite. Even established and reputable university research groups have documented this theft of the primaries.

What happened to the “free will” of Bernie Sanders supporters? It was denied. Then it was mocked.

Most Americans, I think it is fair to say, are dissatisfied with both nominees, but they get to exercise their “free will” in November. For many this is a Coke-Pepsi choice.

Let us consider the “free will” of an under-employed or unemployed single mother of two children in the inner city or even in the suburbs. Let’s call her Maria.

Let us suppose Maria has the drive and gumption to get an Associate’s Degree and take a shot at the American Dream. Her “free will” will soon peter out; it produces little or no real consequences in the real world.

Maria is ensnared in a financial-educational loan scheme that is designed to fleece her. She is preparing to enter a job market that is greatly diminished, the real economy having been run into the ground by psychopathic parasites.

Maria must raise her children, alone, in a neighborhood blighted by drugs and crime and run by slumlords – somewhere like, say, Chicago…

The conditions described above represent perpetual warfare on Maria’s dignity, on her sovereignty, on her family. (But it’s all good because she’s got free will!)

And the New Agers slap Maria in the face especially hard: your oppression, well, it’s all in your head. You have created this reality and you can create a new one. Not even the Medieval priest could get away with such false, empty promises.

And to the Bible thumpers I would ask: Do people really have sufficient free will to be judged? Only a fool would think so.

People are not ignorant. They are made ignorant by a system that, from birth to death, is designed to increase ignorance, not intelligence; is designed to denigrate, not elevate; is designed for servitude and serfdom, not empowerment. All part of the script apparently, one in which, actually, free will is winnowed down.

Social conditioning has already produced a “tipping point” in the free will argument: there is simply not enough free will remaining in the world today to be used as a basis for judgment.

Perhaps this world is just the grassy field next to the slaughterhouse.

“Free Will” = “Bring Your Lamb to Slaugher.” Is what it justifies.

“But.., but.., but..,” I can hear all the system-defending, order-giving and order-following wolves in sheep’s clothing now…

Free will is meaningless now. I’ve already made up my mind. So go tell it to Maria.

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