It’s A Circus


The Chinese are a little bewildered by the 2016 election in the United States, which is spectacle.

In China politics are reserved, orderly and more dignified, and politicians do their best to downplay their personalities. They never hang out with Hollywood stars. Politics and popular culture never mix. Politics is supposed to be legalistic and bureaucratic, never exciting – not since the tumult of the Cultural Revolution, and a repeat of that is to be avoided here.

This is why the Chinese are perplexed about electoral politics: the US now has a contest between two celebrities. Trump directly crossed over from Reality TV, which would never happen in China. It would be a disqualifier.

Clinton is part of a name-brand going back decades, and part of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-maybe Clinton again cycle. In some ways, the Chinese understand the Clinton phenomenon a little more (not that it is a real phenomenon, more of a media construction). China’s dynastic past was partly based on nepotism, as it is in the US today. And right next door, power is also heredetary in North Korea. 

The Chinese also understand that the mainstream media backs Clinton. Just yesterday the NBC poll was exposed as an inside job, as manufactured by Clinton operatives (link bellow).

The Chinese I talk to have never heard of my preferrred candidate, Jill Stein of the Green Party.


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