Third Pillar of ISIS Terror: Saudi/Gulf


The Three Pillars of ISIS Terror: Part 3 of 3

Previous postings explored why NATO and Israel seek to dismantle the Syrian government, and this post considers related motivations for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Islam is largely recycled from Jewish and Christian mythology, so it is the newest of the Big Three. Many Muslims insist that their edition represents God’s Final Word… Atop this pretension sits Saudi Arabia, which belongs to the Wahhabi branch of Sunni Islam (as opposed to Shia Islam). The Saudis believe that they have a monopoly on Islamic truth. So, it’s a monopoly on a monopoly.


The Saudis actively support any militant group going up against their rival powers in the Shia sect (Iran, Hezbollah, and the Syrian government, which is a secular state in which the Shia-affiliated Alawites prevail). The schoolyard thinking here is that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

As a result, there has been governmental support in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States for funding anti-Shia jihadist groups in Syria. Also, their support for these movements reduces the chance of any blowback into Saudi Arabia itself. Cash tends to buy some political influence. Now, however, under the glare of international scrutiny, some of this governmental support is dwindling and comes instead from the region’s wealthy private donors.

Still, the anti-Assad Syrian opposition fattened itself on Saudi-purchased weapons from Croatia and elsewhere. Many of these weapons went to what Arabs call the “Army of Conquest” that includes Al-Nusra Front (with al-Qaeda).

Another example of regional support was the semi-secret base in Safawi, Jordan, where Jordan, Turkey, the US (coordinating with Israel) and Saudi Arabia all helped train rebel leaders, many of whom later became part of ISIS. Qatar has also been linked to helping jihadist rebels.


There is an interesting link between developments inside Saudi Arabia and the increasing carnage of ISIS and jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

The human rights situation in Saudi Arabia has rapidly deteriorated, going from horrible to horrendous. The government has always been oppressive, but just a few short years ago public executions were rare. There was speculation that Saudi Arabia might even evolve past this spectacle. Now, however, the Saudis are averaging a beheading every two days. This was the case for the latest period of accurate statistics, between August 2014 and June 2015. So we have a nation-state (Saudi Arabia) modelling ideal behavior for Islamic pretenders.


The title of a recent Amnesty International Report says it all: Rampant Executions in Saudi Arabia Fuelled by Justice System ‘Riddled with Holes’.

Included here are a few choice quotes:

“A third of all executions since 1985 were imposed for offenses that do not meet the threshold of ‘most serious crimes’ for which the death penalty may be applied under international law.”

“Nearly half – 48.5 percent – of people executed in Saudi Arabia since 1985 were foreign nationals. Many of them were denied adequate translation assistance during the trial and were made to sign documents – including confessions – that they did not understand.”

“Most executions in Saudi Arabia are carried out by beheading, or in some cases by firing squad. In certain cases executions are carried out in public and the dead bodies and severed heads are put on display afterwards.”


Mind you, this country has been a key ally US and UK for decades. The Saudi government follows orders. It lets the US set up a military presence to counter Iran, whose human rights record is not stellar, but infinitely better than that of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to the British government’s lobbying, Saudi Arabia sits on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations and is actually vying to be its leader.

The head of the human rights organization UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, said that choosing Saudi Arabia as the world leader of human rights is like “… having a pyromaniac to head the fire department.”

While most critics of London’s support for the Saudis assume that Britain is engaging in mutual back scratching, it is more likely that Britain (along with the US and Israel) is interested in an evisceration of international humanitarian law.

The presence of Saudi Arabia on the Council – for these western powers – is the right way to mock humanity, and to lower the bar of what is acceptable, so they too can chisel away at civil rights and liberties with more impunity. We’re being punk’d.

Most readers now know that, at this point in a posting, there is often a transition from geo-politics to metaphysics…

And so… One can argue that Saudi Arabia’s orgy of blood, its beheadings, are not just examples of the regime carrying out standard criminal justice. Nor is it simply about terrorizing the population into submission.

The Saudi obsession with severing heads is ritualistic human sacrifice.

In case you missed that message, they are now preparing to behead a young man and then nail his headless body to a cross.


Saudi Arabia’s beheadings represent well-timed and precise releases of human energy into the next dimension, quenching the deity’s thirst.

(You might not believe this is possible. But you aren’t the one swinging the sword, or having your head lopped off, so your disbelief is irrelevant.)

Beheading offers a much-appreciated appetizer (nay, it’s an in between-course palate cleanser, like raspberry sorbet) for their angry god.



Second Pillar of ISIS Terror: Israel and Christian Zionism


The Three Pillars of ISIS Terror: Part 2 of 3

In part 1, we examined why NATO seeks to overthrow Pres. Assad’s government in Syria. Israel has separate but overlapping reasons.

In Israel there is the interesting 1982 “Yinon Plan” to fracture Syria (and other countries) into smaller ethnic and religious enclaves, creating a set of Balkanized “mini-states.” This announced plan, with variants, is part of a larger goal to remake the Middle East and guarantee Israeli regional superiority.


One of Israel’s dreams for Syria, but with the annexation of the Golan Heights.

The Yinon Plan has become part of a general project for a “New Middle East” based on the exploitation of ethnic, religious and tribal divisions within the Arab world. But for the idea to become a reality, it must have a process: constructive chaos. The idea of constructive chaos is to foment instability and conflict, thus allowing Israel, the United States, and Britain to redraw the map of the Middle East (and for Britain this would be the second time, the first being after the fall of the Ottoman Empire).

Abolishing Syria is part of that agenda. Interestingly, Israel is thinking that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” as are jihadists seeking to dislodge Pres. Assad. This logic has made bedfellows of Israel and the Syrian rebels.

Syrian rebels – in exchange for cash and weapons – are willing to surrender national claims on the Golan Heights (taken from Syria in 1967), as reported in the Israeli media. Recently, new oil fields have been found in the Golan Heights. But for the rebels, it’s a small price to pay, for winning Syria.

The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari, has complained that rebel extremists in Syria have an “undeclared alliance with Israel and are engaged in a secret agreement” to overthrow Pres. Assad.

Pres. Assad told an Argentinean newspaper that Israel is assisting the rebellion against the sitting government. “Israel is directly supporting the terrorist groups in two ways. Firstly it gives them logistical support, and it also tells them what sites to attack and how to attack them.”

Alexander Prokhanov, a senior Russian aide, apparently stated that Israel’s Mossad likely transferred some of its “spying experience” to the leadership of ISIS.

Is there any evidence to back these multiple claims?

Yes, if Israeli airstrikes on Syria mean anything. Israel has repeatedly violated Syrian airspace to bomb it, helping the rebels. Bizarre justifications were given that the weapons were going to Hezbollah in Lebabon – when the fight is in Syria! So Israel’s IDF is in the position of providing occasional air cover for jihadists. This inspired the joke in Syria that Al Qaeda and ISIS don’t need an air force of their own because they already have Israel.


“America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” (Netanyahu).

Yes, there is more evidence, if United Nations Official Documents can be considered. The UN Peacekeeping force in the Golan Heights (UNDOF) has detailed direct regular contacts between Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers and armed Syrian rebels since 2013.

Yes, there is more evidence, if it is significant that ISIS has never attacked Israel or its assets. This would have been unthinkable, back in the day, for any Muslim resistance movement (like the PLO). But ISIS is constructed, an amalgam of young Muslim extremists (uneducated and unemployed) and directed by western and Israeli professionals.

It is also quite possible that the ISIS commander, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, described by Fox News and CNN as elusive, mysterious, and the “logical successor to Osama bin Laden,” is actually Simon Elliot, a Mossad agent. And to thicken the lie, he was supposedly in US custody in Iraq but then (as a lesson to us all) was released!


The identity of this “mysterious” man remains valid question. So maybe people should give McCain a break, for meeting up with presumed ISIS rebels and jihadists. It was a Mossad operation the entire time.

What is the motto of Mossad? “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”


Underneath these geo-political and military concerns is religion. For many (not all) Jews and Christians, the Yinon Plan and New Middle East project parallels the “Greater Israel” idea that the Promised Land runs from the Nile to the Euphrates (including parts of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq). Apparently, the Balkanization of the is a transition to regional hegemony, which cannot be grafted onto the current nation-state system.


One reason Israel has wide latitude in the Middle East is that it has carte blanche in the United States.

Precious few Americans dare criticize Israel: “What, you’re opposed to the IDF detaining Palestinian stone throwers as young as 9 and 10 years old? You must be anti-Semitic!”

431165-eb8c133c-4f43-11e5-bb8e-56aa84f91c7e Palestining-women-after-soldier

PhotoPalChildmanyIDFarresting1 2brave-jewish-soldier-with-choke-hold-on-little-palestinian-boy


(For a video of the top photos please see the link below).

Of course, those who are quick to thrown up the smokescreen of anti-Semitism ignore that among the strident critics of Israel are Israeli and American Jews and dissenters within the ranks of the IDF. For those readers who remember my motorcycle trip across Central America, I rode alongside an IDF veteran who survived two Intifadas, only to be stoned on the West Bank – by Orthodox Jewish settlers – for working on a Saturday. He left Israel and never returned.

Of course, those who are quick to thrown up the defense of anti-Semitism ignore that 30,000 Jews live in Iran, with many believing that the nation-state of Israel is literally an abomination (not established by God but colluded into existence by the Rothschilds and the United Nations – their view).


It seems that Israel reflects the contradiction between being a Jewish state on the one hand and being a democracy on the other. These are mutually exclusive. The western democratic tradition involves a winding path towards equal legal protection for all citizens regardless of religion. It’s not possible for a democracy (or a democratizing system) to institutionalize religious discrimination, or to have what is effectively a second-class citizenry.

Unfortunately, Israel is getting worse and not better over time – like apartheid South Africa before it, which was actually Israel’s closest ally across the 1960s – 1980s. Gaza is getting worse. The settlements are expanding. The security apparatus is getting more aggressive with Palestinians civilians, regularly detaining children. Indeed, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports make for grim reading.


Meantime, the Israel Lobby has a near stranglehold on American politics. It power is not hegemonic, but nearly so – more than any other political group in the country.

In the United States, religious diversity should be celebrated (or, in my case, ignored, because having my own life I don’t care what other people believe). However, when there is a crossover from religion to factional politics then these groups become “ethnic mafias.”

There was a time, for example, when a Taiwanese ethnic mafia had a chokehold on America’s China policy, but their monopoly was broken by reality. To side with “Red China” was considered subversive.

At the very least, it should be acceptable to call out groups when they become political factions, as with the case of a Jewish ethnic mafia (AIPAC for example): bugle-blowing and applauding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; cheerleading the rise of a police state; and reinforcing the media’s non-stop demonization of Muslims and Arabs. (There is a telling “Planet of the Arabs” video below, a docu-parody of Hollywood).

Meantime, a very strange Christian Zionism dominates the American religious landscape, arguably based on a twisted misinterpretation of the Old Testament. This cult allows for the unquestioned siphoning of taxpayer money to Israel (tribute) and for Israel’s free hand in the Middle East. Christian Zionism telescopes Christianity into ideology of empire and militarism.


Shane Schaetzel carves out an interesting position for non-Zionist Christianity:

“Since its founding however, the United Nations Security Council has adopted no less than 79 resolutions directly critical of Israel for violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions, the U.N. Charter, the Geneva Conventions, international terrorism, or other violations of international law. Christians obviously cannot support Israel on these issues. Furthermore, Israel occupies Palestinian territories not recognised by the United Nations or international law. Christians cannot support this either. To do so would be to support lawlessness and that violates the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

That makes sense. On a more secular level, what unites humanity is good, and what divides it is not. How does Zionism measure up against that principle? Zionism (and Christian Zionism) slices and dices humanity into bloodlines and tribes. Worse, these religions attempt to hijack the world’s future, driving the planet into an Apocalypse.

Readers of this website have probably noted that I believe in a benevolent creative force (more astrophysical than anthropomorphic). I reject monopolies on personal growth or salvation: all monopolies are lies.

If a religion preaches spiritual totalitarianism (as does evangelical Christianity, which insists upon just one path) then it is simply a nasty control mechanism.

It’s hard to imagine a “god” that created 500 million galaxies but then issued land titles for these Neolithic people over here, but not for those Neolithic people over there, and who then encouraged the former to slaughter the latter.

Well, there might be a higher power dominating the Middle East, but not the one people normally imagine.



Planet of the Arabs:

Palestinian women and children fight off Israeli soldier with boy in chokehold


First Pillar of ISIS Terror: NATO


The Three Pillars of ISIS Terror: NATO (Part 1 of 3)

This posting is Part 1 of three separate installments. The others will come two days apart.

Who is really supporting the ISIS terror group in the Middle East and why?

Part 1: NATO

Part 2: Israel and Christian Zionism

Part 3: Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

It is interesting that Russian bombing damaged the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) more in three days than western powers did in over a year. NATO’s war on ISIS is apparently for propaganda purposes. NATO powers have been playing a double game: telling their publics that they are fighting ISIS while actually supporting it.

Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn has even stated that Washington poured weapons into the opposition knowing that much or most of it would go to extremists: “It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.” Willful decision…

As stated in the Financial Times: “So far US forces have failed to target Isis’s buildings, weapons storage facilities or the leadership based in the desert near Mosul.”


As quoted in the UK’s Daily Mail, a Kurdish soldier who fought ISIS described this: “‘Everything they have is American – it is all the latest equipment with the big guns, the Humvees…”

For public consumption, US and UK politicians (and other paid cut-outs) claim that they have been supporting non-ISIS rebels such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA). However, these anti-Assad groups signed non-aggression pacts and are cooperating with one another. It’s all one amorphous Blob of Jihad.

In any case, the FSA is technically a terrorist organization. The FSA seeks to violently overthrow a government that has representation in the United Nations General Assembly. This fits the textbook definition of terrorism. How can there be “moderate” terrorists?


One would think that all the Washington, London and Paris cold warriors, neocons and careerists would be a little more careful choosing their friends in Syria. Someday they could be charged for aiding and abetting terrorism, under the exact same laws they wrote into existence.

It is now clear from multiple sources (including Edward Snowden), that western intelligence services, particularly the CIA, implemented a strategy known as “the Hornet’s Nest.” This was designed to attract fundamentalists (young, unemployed, angry, unstable, mostly men but some women from Europe) from all over the world to Syria. A clarion call to all extremists!

It went according to plan. At first. Jihadists poured into in Syria from Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc… Your taxdollars at work!

Apparently, US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was not on board with the plan to run guns and rebels from Libya to Syria. The most likely scenario includes an event orchestrated to smokescreen his assassination. The misdirection, the denial of his repeated requests for help, the lying about how he died, etc… Naturally, nobody was directly involved whose name you would recognize, nobody who draws a regular paycheck from Uncle Sam. But as usual, the culprits trapped the front politicians into lying for them.

The killing of Amb. Stevens was most likely conducted by an off-grid cloak-and-dagger team with a huge budget (it’s actually unlimited). They fantasize that they are protecting the republic, when it has simply become a squalid regime. Because my own father was once the US Ambassador in Libya’s neighboring country of Tunisia, I certainly hope that the culprits pay for their crime in this world.

Gunrunning, by the way, is now a regular habit. US intelligence services supplied state of-the-art hardware to Mexico’s drug cartels, in order to fan the flames (worsen the problem and then offer a solution), under the well-documented and widely-exposed operation “Fast and Furious.” Then there was the Reagan-era weapons purchase from Iran, for use in the illegal contra war of Nicaragua. Afghanistan. It goes on and on. Old habits are hard to break.

What explains NATO’s relentless focus on overthrowing Pres. Assad in Syria?

Syria is a NATO target for three reasons.

First, despite any of its government’s shortcomings or defects, Syria is not a puppet state. Syria has rejected economic globalization (or a certain kind of “globalization” seen in subsidized corporate takeovers of local businesses and public interests). Banning GMO crops is just one example of this opposition to global governance.

Second, dismembering Syria would prevent a close economic and political partnership between Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon (what NATO fears).  Just before this current conflict, Syria signed a memorandum of understanding for a petroleum pipeline with Iran and Iraq. So that’s now on hold.

Imagine, Iraq was supposed to be a satellite state of the US, with a Ramstein-upon-the-Euphrates military base and an Embassy the size of the Vatican. But Iraq now is more closely allied with Iran than with any other power. It’s funny how the cold warriors and neocons gloss over this epic failure. How can they even drag their faces in front of the television cameras?

Third, Syria refuses to lie back and be raped by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the predatory lender of last resort, which John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) accurately described as a kind of perpetual debt machine, designed to enslave as many countries as possible with as much debt as possible.

Consider the information below, copied and pasted right from the IMF’s own webpage. The IMF is no longer listing the information in dollars (which they hope to bring to an engineered collapse) but rather in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).

Syrian Arab Republic: Financial Position in the Fund as of August 31, 2015

VI. Overdue Obligations and Projected Payments to Fund
   (SDR Million; based on existing use of resources and present holdings of SDRs):
 2015   2016   2017   2018   2019 
  Charges/Interest 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
   Total 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

For the controllers at the top of the western power pyramid, Syria’s financial autonomy is unacceptable. In fact, this is why Gaddafi was assassinated: He was launching a Gold Dinar as a pan-African currency.

In the Ivory Coast, President Laurent Gbagbo became the real victim of fraud and lies, with a little help from the global media complex. Gbagbo was potato sacked to The Hague’s ICC (which almost exclusively prosecutes Africans) because he was moving towards an independent currency.

Clearly, Syria was to be bulldozed into a kind of New World Order by Turners of the Machine and other order followers. It’s the only thing they know how to do. It’s the only thing they know how to be. They are all clones of Sgt. Barnes, from the movie Platoon (1986).


“Now, I got no fight with any man who does what he’s told, but when he don’t, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down. And I ain’t gonna allow that in any of you. Not one.”

In recent weeks, the Russian involvement in Syria (at Syria’s invitation) throws a monkey wrench into the machine. It’s not turning as expected. It’s way behind schedule.

It appears that a vast swath of Russian government officials remember the inglorious 1990s, when their drunk president, Boris Yeltsin, took advice from Washington and London, and ended up bankrupting the economy into the hands of seven plutocrats.

It also appears that Russian officials have defected from the Anglo-American idea that what is good for Washington and London should be good for the rest of the world. But it remains to be seen if their model would differ substantially from the present one. And there are no signs that the present one is to be overturned or transformed.

Russian and possible Chinese participation in Syria (breaking western hegemony in the Middle East) does not kill the machine, which has torque, and which draws power from hidden sources.

But perhaps, somewhere in the desert, the machine will finally blow a gasket, leaving a pile of rusty metal and a diesel stain in the sand.


Chinese Blockbuster

“Ghost Blows Out: The Nine-Story Demon Tower,” directed by Lu Chuan, is a 3D movie based on a book series.

The movie features Taiwan actor Mark Zhao and mainland stars Li Guangjie, Yao Chen and Li Chen.

(Don’t be fooled by her beauty. Demons occupied her soul. But she’s not all bad. Just complicated).

One review, written in endearing Chinglish, describes the movie as including “combats against monsters.” Yes, I agree. “Combats” should be a common word for the plural of fighting.

I went to see the movie, which unfortunately has no English subtitles. But I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. The movie drives to what can be called universal mythology, and its scenes of giant demon dogs hunting down Chinese soldiers in an abandoned oil town were riveting.

This movie – if subtitled – could easily be successful in the United States, as was “Hero.”

The movie is spectacular, balancing action with character development. Filmed in remote regions of China, the movie alternates between the era of the Chinese Revolution, when soldiers stumble upon a large cavern with a demon tower, and the 1980s, when archeologists and scholars are still coping with released demons and dragon energy.

So, its all loosely adapted from a true story.

I would say that the handling of multiple dimensions and the spirit world was more adept than is found in western cinema. This is probably one genre China simply does better.

Snowden’s Empty Hand?

It appears to be true. With very few exceptions, American’s (unlike the British, Australians, etc…,) do not know how to emigrate. They tend to boomerang back the United States.

An extreme example of this is now found in the case of Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee who leaked classified information about mass surveillance and then fled to Hong Kong and later Russia, where he secured asylum.

Apparently, Snowden misses the United States so much that he is willing to return and face the possibility of being sentenced to 30 years in jail, the result of charges under the Espionage Act.

Something strange is going on.  Why would he trade his life in Russia for a prison cell? Russia offers a vast array of outdoor and sporting activities. The people (the ones I’ve known) are extremely interesting, smart and wise. He gets regular visits from his girlfriend from Hawaii, Lindsay Mills. In addition the country has its feminine charms. Snowden should be writing postcards “From Russia with Love.”

OK, the food is reportedly not the greatest, but you can’t have everything.

Snowden went into exile insinuating that he had much more to expose.  It’s not the case.

As a general rule, one should never play whistleblower at this international level unless one has sufficient material to bring down the administration or government in question.

Is Snowden not as smart as he looks?

Most likely, Wikileaks and Anonymous both have what has been termed the “Apocalypse File.” It has been hinted that they have it. Its release would mean the end of the administration and most of Congress. The Justice Department would not have the moral standing to prosecute. Among other developments.

For some reason, Wikileaks and Anonymous are holding their cards close to their chests. Or they don’t have the Apocalypse file. Does Glen Greenwald also have it? Which details are found in the previous Secretary of State’s emails? Specifically those from the Spring of 2010?

Regarding the core information…

Is this why the American U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power was instructed to skip Netanyahu’s last speech at the United Nations?

Is this why two US agents tried to abandon the Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in a local hospital after he was secured in the Embassy?

Is this why Iran always had the upper hand in the last round of nuclear talks? Is this why the American negotiators returned from Geneva without their shirts?

Snowden’s hosts surely have the file… But they are not inclined, or currently prepared, to bring down the entire House of Lies. The endgame is for the End Game, one can imagine.

Considering that so many people have had glimpses at certain dimensions of this file, it is astounding that Edward Snowden has been left empty-handed.


Cartoon by Ben Garrison (link below)




Human Husbandry

Reasonable people can certainly disagree over the wisdom of vaccines – especially over the wisdom of injecting infants with some 40 shots. This debate certainly means that the science is unsettled and still experimental.

In reality, the effectiveness of almost all vaccines is zero. Just this year, a major study found that people receiving the flu shot were more likely than others to acquire a serious flu.

Scientists from around the world are increasingly critical of vaccines. Tellingly, there have also been CDC whistleblowers, court cases, and a numerous real-life situations of illness and death. Just last week a baby died immediately after a round of vaccines.

Donald Trump was right to mention this problem in a recent debate. Numerous other public figures have also done so, including Jim Carrey, who rightly called attention to the contamination still present in vaccines – and who courageously stood up against mainstream opinion as reinforced by Hollywood.

There is the very real problem of autism in the US and other developed nation, and vaccines have not been excluded as the culprit. In fact, vaccines remain the top suspects. It is the only variable to have changed so dramatically across these past few decades, going from an average of 6 to about 35 or 40 shots per infant. “Vaccine Induced Autism.”


The Amish don’t vaccinate and don’t have autism, either…

Mainstream and corporate forces are trying to coerce naturalists into getting shots for themselves and their kids. The logic here is upside down. How is my unvaccinated kid a threat to a vaccinated one? If vaccines truly worked, how are vaccinated kids at risk?

A few days ago, I got an email from my ex-wife. She needs a Chase Quick Pay to pay for my daughter’s vaccination. She has had very few shots fortunately, but there is one required by her school. She gets the shot or is barred entry. I put up a brief argument, but I am 10,000 miles away at present. Amazingly, her school is a Christian school (I’m opposed to this and other forms of mental enslavement, but whatever, the school is not my call). Christians are often against state-mandated vaccinations, so it’s surprising.

Also amazingly, this school is in Texas, which has a streak of libertarianism (or thinks it does). The school is breaking the law in Texas, which clearly provides ethical, religious and health exemptions. So when I show up there in January, I’m going to make the rounds at school with copies of the law in hand and raise some Hell. Yeah, I’m going to be that guy.

The state has no right to coerce people to be injected with anything. In this case the injections remain experimental. It’s quack science.

Too many critics of vaccinations, however, reach the wrong conclusion. They think that corporate greed is behind it all, and that “Big Pharma” is the bogeyman here. I disagree. The real agenda is different, more political, and more about power. The factions behind mandatory vaccinations are engaging in “human husbandry,” and establishing history and precedent for the unmitigated control of human populations, as if we were cattle.

The endgame is to reach a point, in the near future, where masses of humans can be put down, having been lulled into accepting shots during crises or pandemics. That is the very purpose of the Orwellian BioShield Act. At least, the powers behind the scenes would like to keep that option open, for a cull. This goal of Earth with just 500 million people (and killing 6.5 billion people) has been announced on the Georgia Guidestones.

One can easily argue that coerced vaccinations (considering the debatable science) are highly illegal under international law, under the Nuremberg Code of 1947, as a then-necessary political response to the Nazis, whose eugenics program was developed by Anglo-American oligarchs in the 1920s and 1930s, as documented in Edwin Black’s War Agaisnt the Weak. Those same criminals are still in power.

The Nuremburg Code includes such “principles as informed consent and absence of coercion; properly formulated scientific experimentation; and beneficence towards experiment participants.” The first principle stated is clear: “Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity.”

As long-time readers of this webpage know, I have always expressed my view that it is important to defend oneself, one’s family and one’s fellow citizens from violence (including the violence of forced injections). This includes lethal force against order givers and order takers when such policies are executed. Forced injections represent a red line, along with three other red lines: forced micro-chipping, forced relocation, and forced disarmament, which also call for citizen use of deadly force regardless of person or position.

The human body was born with a powerful immune system. It is not enhanced – and only compromised – by injections developed in Big Pharma laboratories whose real origins are nefarious.

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