On the Ropes


Looking back on recent events, there are a few that stand out as being major setbacks to the overstretched Anglo-American empire.

First, there are the losses, and impending defeat, of the jihadist terror networks in Syria. As with Libya, the entire NATO coalition was hoping that its Al-Aqeda allies could overturn a secular government.

Second, there is Brexit. This is more of an ideological setback for the cause of top-down, oligarchic globalism than it is for any other reason.

Third, there is the 180 degree pivot of the Philippines, away from the US and towards China and Russia. The strategic blow is so severe that the western media and politicians downplay this story.

And fourth, there is the upcoming 2016 election in the United States. No matter who wins, no matter the outcome, the country will be domestically and internationally paralyzed.

The system is on the ropes. It will surely get up on its feet a few more times, but only to receive a knock out punch.


Same Old, Same Old


One of the luxuries of the American oligarchy is that the country’s long-term memory is non-existent.

A rigged election? Why, how could such a thing happen?

The 2000 election was stolen in Florida and the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio, among other examples, perhaps even including 1960.

I do not have a dog in the two-party fight. I favor Stein/Baracka of the Green Party, and I have little skin in the game, working in China, being Panamanian also, etc…

So I think I can reasonably say that from a distance this election looks extremely rigged. The election “polls” are fabricated, products of people and political groups with close ties to Clinton. The mainstream media, too, might as well be “deep state media” and blatantly favors Clinton.

I still think the oligarchy would be happy with a Trump win, and that much of the current hubub is theatrical. For this reason, stealing the election for Clinton is less about selecting Clinton, and more about perpetuating a war on the intelligence of the American mind. It is about maintaining the Big Lie. It is about deception, and that is a goal in and of itself. Lying. And then lying some more.  Lying places distance between them and us.

Lying is the primary goal of the people runing the country – not power, not profit, but just simply lying.

And getting away with it.


Dumping Toxic Waste


What do Saudi Arabia and China know?

Saudis, China Dump Treasuries; Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $346 Billion In US Paper




Jill Stein for Pres


Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka

The mainstream media seems to be banning the Green Team from the news. It is rare to hear about Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka, even though they have the best plan.

As I wrote before on this website, significant only to some friends and family, I’m in agreement with about 80% or more of the Green platform.

It is the only platform compatible with “complexity,” allowing both general deccentralizaiton and focused centralization, depending on the issue.

It is the only platform compatible with a bottom-up reconstruction of the economy, and of national politics.

It is the only platform compatible with a bottom-up re-globalization – with the democratization and humanization of US-led globalist institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and NATO.






Visa Compliance

I had to exit China and re-enter, this time Expedia pointed me towards the Philippines and a hotel with a pool for only 40 US a night – which I did not wander far from having seen all the local sights already (Old Manila, Mall of Asia, etc…) Working on some writing projects, including American Mysteries and Conspiracies for local markets.




I got into small talk, chit chat, with plenty of local people.

I would say that the new Pres. Dutarte is very popular – extremely popular, good to see.

Also in the news there. This coming week Pres. Dutarte and 250 or more top Filipino businesspeople are heading to Beijing.



Above, best Starbucks item ever. Only in the PI from what I can tell.





Free Will Fallacies


Don’t bother her, she’s busy, excercising her free will!

I got a little grief yesterday about my claim that “free will” has been so greatly diminished, so greatly constricted, that it has been rendered absurd.

I did not say that people have zero free will. I said it is too diminished to be able to use as an excuse for maintaining the current system – or as a basis for “judgment.”

Let’s consider what everyone is talking about these days: the 2016 election. American voters exercised “free will” in selecting Bernie Sanders, but that selection was denied by the power elite. Even established and reputable university research groups have documented this theft of the primaries.

What happened to the “free will” of Bernie Sanders supporters? It was denied. Then it was mocked.

Most Americans, I think it is fair to say, are dissatisfied with both nominees, but they get to exercise their “free will” in November. For many this is a Coke-Pepsi choice.

Let us consider the “free will” of an under-employed or unemployed single mother of two children in the inner city or even in the suburbs. Let’s call her Maria.

Let us suppose Maria has the drive and gumption to get an Associate’s Degree and take a shot at the American Dream. Her “free will” will soon peter out; it produces little or no real consequences in the real world.

Maria is ensnared in a financial-educational loan scheme that is designed to fleece her. She is preparing to enter a job market that is greatly diminished, the real economy having been run into the ground by psychopathic parasites.

Maria must raise her children, alone, in a neighborhood blighted by drugs and crime and run by slumlords – somewhere like, say, Chicago…

The conditions described above represent perpetual warfare on Maria’s dignity, on her sovereignty, on her family. (But it’s all good because she’s got free will!)

And the New Agers slap Maria in the face especially hard: your oppression, well, it’s all in your head. You have created this reality and you can create a new one. Not even the Medieval priest could get away with such false, empty promises.

And to the Bible thumpers I would ask: Do people really have sufficient free will to be judged? Only a fool would think so.

People are not ignorant. They are made ignorant by a system that, from birth to death, is designed to increase ignorance, not intelligence; is designed to denigrate, not elevate; is designed for servitude and serfdom, not empowerment. All part of the script apparently, one in which, actually, free will is winnowed down.

Social conditioning has already produced a “tipping point” in the free will argument: there is simply not enough free will remaining in the world today to be used as a basis for judgment.

Perhaps this world is just the grassy field next to the slaughterhouse.

“Free Will” = “Bring Your Lamb to Slaugher.” Is what it justifies.

“But.., but.., but..,” I can hear all the system-defending, order-giving and order-following wolves in sheep’s clothing now…

Free will is meaningless now. I’ve already made up my mind. So go tell it to Maria.

Gettin’ Adjusted


From Elon Musk to mainstream and independent media producers, lots of people are weighing in on the nature of our reality.

Are we living in a simulation? Are there parallel universes? Is there a “Mandela Effect” altering mass memory, suggesting a connection between the Past, Present and Future? Is there any point to this world at all?

I don’t pretend to have the answers to these questions, but in my experience our present reality resembles something out of the movie, The Adjustment Bureau (2011):

Director: George Nolfi

Writers: George Nolfi (screenplay), Philip K. Dick

Stars: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Lisa Thoreson

In this movie, those operating above this world definitely have a script. They send enhanced, long-living humans wearing hats (a symbol of a genetic upgrade) to enforce it. To make sure there is no deviation from it.

In the case of the movie, the agents are determined to prevent Matt’s character from uniting with his love. As explained on Wikipedia:

“The film tells the story of a young man who discovers that what appear to be chance events in his life are controlled by a technologically advanced intelligence network. After an event not planned by these controllers occurs – a romantic encounter with a young dancer – he struggles against their manipulation despite their promise of a great future for him.”

Arguably, our world has a cult of controllers above the five factions of power mentioned a few articles back. These controllers, too, enforce the script revealed by Albert Pike – that there would be three major World Wars, etc. – similar, actually, to the worst parts of the last parts of the Bible…

It does not matter too much if our world is a simulation or a real test case, or the unfolding of a computer algorithm. What matters more is that it is a rigged reality in which free will is negligible (because most humans are not sufficiently free to exercise it). Free will is not compatible with the enforcement of a pre-determined script.

For most humans, their emotional, spiritual and intellectual emancipation – and their exercise of true free will as sovereign individuals – can only come after breaking the shackles of economic and political enslavement.

Perhaps spiritual and material liberation can come spontaneously, but many people today, in both the religious and New Age movements, argue precisely the opposite, putting the cart before the horse. For them, change begins with rainbows and butterflies, and without firing a shot.

If that were really possible more people would have broken through, and more economic and political evolution would be visible. And none is.

Also, the controllers have suspended – or violated – the very principles they purport to abide by: the law of cause and effect, the law of consequences, etc…

Boy, they hold on awfully tightly, unwilling to recognize that they are motivated by one of the silliest and basest of human emotions: fear – which leads to cowardice. As below, so above. And so humans, under-estimated, are cheated out of their future by controllers who lack the creativity to let the future just happen.

The growing number of truth seekers who understand that the world we live in is, well, a running joke, might as well be on “tourist visa” in this realm, and they might as well remain unaccountable to anyone in this world or the next, given that they get it: we are living in an episode of Punk’d…

In sum, we are living in a kind of grotesque mutation, or smeared carbon copy, of a world. (But that’s OK! I’ve never been better!) Really, I’m not being sarcastic…

Overall this might seem to be a pessimistic view, but at least the movie has a happy ending:

“David and Elise find themselves surrounded on the observation deck of the GE Building. They declare their love and kiss before David can be reset. When they let go of each other, the Bureau members have gone. Thompson appears but is interrupted by Harry, who shows him a revised Plan from the Chairman: one that is blank starting from the current moment. Harry commends them for their devotion to each other, then says they are free to leave. David and Elise walk down the street as Harry speculates that the Chairman’s goal may be to prepare humanity to write its own “Plans”.

I think the movie ultimately classifies as “science-fiction…”



Only in China?


This news story is making the rounds in China, excerpts with link below:

A Chinese woman has been ordered to remove a giant portrait of her crush that she painted on a famous cliff in eastern China.


The woman, from Taizhou in Zhejiang province, had scaled the 218-metre-tall Fanzheng Rock on the scenic Shenxianju Mountain in Xianju county to paint the portrait, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

The portrait, which measured some seven metres, was of the avid rock climber’s crush, a fellow climber, according to the report.

The 37-year-old woman had worked on the portrait every weekend for the past two months, spending several hours each time scaling the cliff and painting while dangling from a rope, the report said.

She often even spent the night on the cliff, according to the report.

Scenery management authorities said the woman was very cooperative in their investigation into the matter and had promised to remove the painting soon.



It’s A Circus


The Chinese are a little bewildered by the 2016 election in the United States, which is spectacle.

In China politics are reserved, orderly and more dignified, and politicians do their best to downplay their personalities. They never hang out with Hollywood stars. Politics and popular culture never mix. Politics is supposed to be legalistic and bureaucratic, never exciting – not since the tumult of the Cultural Revolution, and a repeat of that is to be avoided here.

This is why the Chinese are perplexed about electoral politics: the US now has a contest between two celebrities. Trump directly crossed over from Reality TV, which would never happen in China. It would be a disqualifier.

Clinton is part of a name-brand going back decades, and part of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-maybe Clinton again cycle. In some ways, the Chinese understand the Clinton phenomenon a little more (not that it is a real phenomenon, more of a media construction). China’s dynastic past was partly based on nepotism, as it is in the US today. And right next door, power is also heredetary in North Korea. 

The Chinese also understand that the mainstream media backs Clinton. Just yesterday the NBC poll was exposed as an inside job, as manufactured by Clinton operatives (link bellow).

The Chinese I talk to have never heard of my preferrred candidate, Jill Stein of the Green Party.



Sensible Conclusion

As the Wall Street Journal Reported:

“Philippines Suspends Patrols With U.S. in South China Sea”

Indeed, the US-Filipino military alliance is over, and that is surely a good thing.


Above, my father Ambassador Stephen Bosworth in Manila (during Marcos-Aquino transition)

I think my father would have recognized that the Filipino government is finally taking control of its own destiny. He was Ambassador in Manila during the Cold War, when the alliance was unquestioned, but his orientation tended towards a Kennedyesque sense of cooperation and national self-determination.

He was also Ambassador there during the fall of the Marcos regime. He later told me about how the Reagan White House kept telling him to help Marcos, and how the State Department kept telling him to help Aquino. He was getting conflicting orders, obviously. It was stressful.

He avoided blatant interference (although some close to Marcos might have disagreed). Events on the ground moved in the direction of Aquino. And that was that.

We talked about this years later. I was actually in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during this time, teaching high school – during the transition between Baby Doc Duvalier and the regime that replaced it. Oddly, both countries experienced political revolutions in the same weeks of February, 1986.

Anyway, my impression of my father’s view is clear. His experience reinforced his belief that the US could not, and should not, remain in such a colonial position, and that it was not good for either party. He cared about the people-to-people relationship, and his closest friends and confidants, whom I met, were his Filipino tennis partners.

Also after the Cold War he came to view much of US foreign policy, in which he participated in Central America, as a complete over-reaction – as largely mistaken, in hindsight.

On this next point, I speculate, but I also imagine he would not have approved of the US using the Philippines as a thorn in the side of China, as it has been doing this past decade (until today!) He was quite pro-China and participated in some of the first US delegations to the PRC in the mid 1970s.

I think he would have supported Pres. Duterte’s decision to end the military relationship.


In any case, I think of my father daily of course since his passing last January.

He was an amazing father first and foremost. But I’m also proud of his career, and proud that, in his work, he was even more cool than James Bond.