And I think I need a Lear jet

Money, get back.

I’m all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack.

Money, it’s a hit.

Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.

I’m in the high-fidelity first class traveling set

And I think I need a Lear jet.

-          Pink Floyd

Yesterday was a big day in Panama.

The Supreme Court ordered that the investigation of ex-president Martinelli should proceed, considering likely derelictions against public administration (that is a poor translation).

The current president Varella says that Martinelli should yield to rule of law.

Congress here is probably going to vote to remove whatever immunities Martinelli does have (which sounds a bit ex post facto, which always means “not cool”). If Martinelli is to be charged or tried, this should be done under the set of laws existing at the time.

Also yesterday, Panamanian television looped – and looped! (like watching OJ in his Bronco over and over again) - video of Martinelli boarding his small private plane, which then soared into the puffy clouds and towards Guatemala.


Arriving in Guatemala, looking a little beleaguered.

In Guatemala, Martinelli will attend the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN, which in 50 years will be like the European Union, if globalist fantasies realize themselves). At PARLACEN, Martinelli will make his case that the charges against him are politically motivated. At my usual restaurant, there was much debate between his critics and staunch defenders. For my part, have no idea what happened, not being here at the time. So I kept my mouth shut.


Thus far, the story about the dead Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, initially thought to be a suicide, is unfolding according to plan: to ruin the image of the administration of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The global media complex is insinuating, in the most indirect way possible (but leaving little doubt) that her administration is somehow behind the murder. After all, was not Nisman about to release explosive details about that administration covering up a bombing investigation? Hardly, but more on that later.


The Drudgereport, a digital tabloid, showed a photograph of President Cristina Fernández pointing her index finger with this caption: “Argentine prosecutor shot point blank in the forehead” (as if Christina herself pulled the trigger!) What’s next? Will the media call for Cristina to submit her hand for forensic analysis, so that it can be examined for gunpowder residue?

Also, the Argentine president had responded to the very first reports of Alberto Nisman’s death, within hours that is, with astonishment that someone would take his own life. That seems normal. I mean, what else might one say about a suicide, at the risk of saying something inappropriate. However, as more facts came to light, the president rightly shifted to a new theory that his death was, in fact, a murder. The mainstream news outlets are reporting this natural shift of opinion as “confusing and contradictory.” Wow. That’s pushing the agenda so hard that the agenda is peeking through.

True, Cristina Fernández is being victimized. Actually, she is being very subtly framed.  Unfortunately, her administration lacks the courage to stand up for itself. That administration, like the governments of Iran, which caught up in this scandal as the prime suspect of the 1992 and 1994 bombings (and other governments supposedly opposed to a western unipolar order) are simply playing the role of the “loyal opposition.”


The backstory is now a quarter century old. In 1992, there was attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires that with 29 dead and 242 wounded. Two years later in the 1994, there was an attack on the AMIA community center that left 85 dead and 200 wounded.

The official story is that Muslim fundamentalists, backed by Iran, Hezbollah or some exotic faction, detonated car bombs outside those two buildings (in one attack it was supposedly a van). In the second attack, an Israeli soldier produced a fragment of a vehicle from the wreckage, and the United States and Israel have been insisting the car bomb version for both events ever since.

Unfortunately, the evidence points in the opposite direction: to the explosions coming from inside the buildings. That the US and Israel would cling so desperately to their car-bomb myth (as a matter of policy no less) especially in light of expert testimony, raises suspicion in and of itself.

Indeed, a 2008 Wikileaks dump (for whatever that’s worth) shows a cable from an ex-US Ambassador, committed to just one outcome: that there remain no doubt about the accusations against Iran. This is a case of the conclusions determining the findings (well, their findings, which do not rest on the evidence), instead of the other way around.

Of course, as usual, people stray from the Party Line, and President Menem of Argentina once stumbled, saying that the crater of the explosion was inside the Embassy (“el cráter de la explosión está dentro de la embajada”). Oops.

In the Argentine government’s 1997 investigation of the 1992 case, a special panel of expert engineers was convened. The Secretario Penal de la Corte made Dr. Alfredo Bisordi head of the investigation regarding the explosion. The report by the National Academy of Engineers was released and presented to the court. Its basic findings have been buried, and they are not part of the current narrative playing itself out today.

Pages 40 – 42 describe how two separate investigative lines led to the same conclusion: that the explosion came from within the building (“que la explosión se produjo adentro del edificio”).

Page 69 explains how the crater shows the explosive force coming from the Embassy and being directed outwards.

Pages 20 – 21 reveal the intervention of a false witness, a fake taxi man later uncovered by the routine police investigation as having been a colonel in the Israeli army. His specific role was to finger the participation of Pakistan, to add yet another layer of falsehood. These kinds of covert operations depend on the onion-like layering of lie upon lie.

Page 77 of the investigation explains that the video tapes of the cameras of the Israeli Embassy were not made available to the investigation.

Those items above were presented as legal testimony, by experts, and should put the burden of proof back on anyone claiming that the explosions are traceable to car bombs. It should be mentioned that a 2004 court hearing included dozens of witnesses who testified that there was no car bomb, and many detailing the explosion coming from within.


Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman was on a crusade, but he had nothing to back him, nothing to vindicate his work. According to recent statements by the Argentine government, two key witnesses in Nisman’s case against were falsely presented to him as state intelligence agents – much like Taxi Man, designed to plant false evidence.

In Nisman’s case, the false evidence of the “two agents” (well, yes, they were someone’s agents) included wiretapped phone conversations (contrived, scripted conversations) that the Argentine government was trying to whitewash the 1994 car bombing. This was the core of his case. And it was based on a lie. It was based, actually, on the agents spending years feeding false information to Nisman.

Also, the Argentine government’s chief of staff recently said that he didn’t believe Nisman even wrote his own report. So we have fake telephone conversations stuffed into a plagiarized report, and this is what mainstream media is calling “explosive evidence.” Wow.

Now, an Argentine reporter, Damian Pachter, claims to have been followed, possibly by Argentine intelligence and, fearing for his life, tweeted that he was leaving the country. It seems that Pachter went to Montevideo and then Madrid and then Israel, where he tweeted that he was finally “safe.”

Correctly, the government of Argentina stated that Pachter should have provided information or posted a photograph of any suspect. Of course, the reporter had not done so and just skipped out like a drama queen. His insinuation was that the government of Argentina was either responsible or complicit in the murder of Alberto Nisman.

It would have been noteworthy if Patcher had been able to document (and register with a spectrum of domestic and international authorities) a complete physical description of the threatening person: age range, gender, nationality, hair color, clothing, and demeanor. For example.

It would have been noteworthy if this description, on file, then matched (exactly) a person of interest who would be later outed (in the future, that is) regarding a different hostile incident.

It would have been substantial if Pachter had been able to secure the signature of a high-ranking government official, in this case in Argentina, stating that the chain of events unfolded exactly as the journalist described, that is, with the documented description fitting the profile of a future suspect.

All that would have been something, but this was not the case.

In Conclusion

If the 1992 and 1994 bombings originated from within the two buildings in question, as the evidence reveals, suggesting in the process that the US and Israel are lying about the car bombs, then the strongest and most logical conclusion is that the explosives were planted by factions seeking to advance the interests of those who benefit the most from the event.

Who benefits? The Buenos Aires bombings help fulfill the foreign policy objectives of the United States and Israel, specifically regarding the Global War on Islamic Terror.

That being said, no one actually drawing a paycheck – neither in the US nor in Israel – is responsible for these attacks. They were not military or intelligence operations, although some soldiers and agents were, as usual, duped into the disinformation and cover-up operations.

As has been stated before on these pages, the faction responsible for the bombings is quite heterogeneous, and while imagining and fantasizing that they are “guarding the republic,” so to speak, or their respective republics, they are merely acting as Praetorian Guard for an oligarchic regime (a kind of stateless regime) seeking to exert raw, brutal power for its own sake (power porn, if you will, for a circle jerk of control freaks).

More recently, this same faction planted false evidence with prosecutor Alberto Nisman, allowed that disinformation to become information, and to circulate. When that phase of the operation was finished, they simply killed him in a manner that would implicate President Cristina Fernández.

Her sin – at this lower level the video game – is to oppose the gouging of Argentina by the vulture funds, by banks and investment firms that never lent Argentina any money but bought up much of the country’s bad debt after the 2001 default (even though much of it was technically written off). A New York court recently ordered that Argentina pay more than a billion dollars to the vulture funds (even though the court lacks jurisdiction).

Again, it’s not really the money that is at issue; it is Cristina Fernández’s unwillingness to witness the raping of Argentina. That will not do! If she is to remain a president of a western country (unlikely now), then she must participate, as a voyeur, in the financial gangbanging of Argentina.

But let us not excessively demonize the protagonists in this drama; there are, after all, antagonists who read from their worn scripts. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and other organizations are also vested in perpetuating this global war, which feeds their own machineries of power.

Just as with the Cold War, when the superpowers used bipolar conflict to prop up each other’s military-industrial complexes, so too do all the players today have a stake in these theatrics. This is not terribly surprising at the end of the day: All the parties have been sparring partners for decades now, and all the parties worship the same god.

The more one distances oneself from one particular side, the more all the parties look alike. Each one advances the interests of a local oligarchy, or a particular government, or a particular ethnic mafia, but all increase the tensions leading towards a major global war – and to fulfill the Final Act of their script.

There is no timetable for this war. It matters not that it could happen in five years or 500 years – what matters that it will happen. Meantime, the only real code that all the parties live by is that their agendas must be advanced by lies.—todo-lo-que-se-sabe–no-se-dice-y-se-encubre.html


OLD post (glitch posting a new one)


Still in Panama City, hanging out, killing time. The city now has a functioning metro, greatly alleviating traffic. The boardwalk area by the water is finished, complete with restaurants around the fish market. The old section of the city, Casco Viejo, is being renovated… Perhaps more details to come – along with an analysis of events in Argentina, based largely on reports in Spanish that have not been translated, for Wednesday.









A drama is unfolding in Panama of Shakespearean proportions. The new administration (Juan Carlos Varela) has the outgoing president (Ricardo Martinelli) in its legal crosshairs. They were former allies, pre-rupture, with Varela having served as Martinelli’s Minister of Exterior Relations.

The new administration claims that Martinelli conducted a long-term campaign of illegal wiretapping on his political rivals. Some of this came out in a Wikileaks dump of dirty laundry.

Also, there are new claims, expanded and refined on a weekly basis, that there were financial improprieties. These accusations are now the raw material of radio and television talk shows.

Martinelli, for his part, is invoking his civil rights, claiming political persecution, and will turn that theme into as international tour.

Meantime, until these claims and counter-claims are more properly formalized and documented, the city is awash with rumors.

To be continued…


Panama City


PTY Skyline


Ground Hog Year

Another year rolls around, and not much will change…

There will be another round of hysteria over a hoax epidemic, increasing calls for intervention in Yemen to “calm”  the situation, the gearing up for a Coke-Pepsi election, and ridiculous spectator frenzy over the coming 2015 collapse of the US dollar and the world economy in general. (Just like they’ve been predicting each year since 2008).

Perhaps it pays more attention to consider the cultish insertion of words and phrases in the mass media, such as this one, which keeps reappearing – even in the final episode of B. Galactica, and originally inserted into the lines of the Jimmy Hendrix song All Along the Watch Tower: “There must be some kind of way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief.”


It’s not even 2015, and the media and pollsters are buzzing with who is on top in the Coke and Pepsi choice for “president” in 2016.

Never mind that the two parties agree on the Federal Reserve System, the basics of foreign policy, the war on drugs and mass incarceration, etc… And after much hoopla, even immigration policy will end up being nearly identical. The upcoming election will be sold as important – as somehow relevant, by the conglomerate media.

The real story here is the consolidation of family dynasties, as the major candidates all have very recognizable last names, or are properly pedigreed and bloodlined.

This is intentional, this appearance of familial aristocracies at their most naked. It is the culmination of the oligarchical form, designed to petrify (in both senses of that word) American society, preventing any real further development.

The election of 2016 is about one thing and one thing only: the fossilization of America.

Between the Lines

On April 27, 1961, Pres. John F. Kennedy gave a speech at the American Newspaper Publishers Association, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. At the time, when he spoke of a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” people assumed he was talking about communism, but some observers noted that the second part of his famous quote seems to refer to a higher and more hidden force, above and beyond the overt and even superficial Cold War struggle between East and West.

“It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, and no secret is revealed.”

Indeed, JFK’s phraseology here, even the cadence, borrows heavily from a speech that had been delivered just three months earlier, by Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower, warning of the rise of an unaccountable “military-industrial complex” that entrusted itself with guarding the republic (even though a republic is based on popular sovereignty, limited government and a separation of powers). And so we have those striving for absolutism believing themselves to be carrying Madison’s torch…

JFK’s speech certainly foreshadowed the tense relationship he (and his brother) developed with the CIA (which, to accommodate vested interests, would not stop lying to the White House).

Certainly, the JFK speech is odd. On the first read, at first glance, the casual observer will likely think JFK was referring to the Soviet Union. The more one reads it the more one suspects he was referring to a power over and above both communism and capitalism, to the would-be hegemony of global controllers (who are partially successful, at least in the lower dimensions). This faction emerges as a tiny cult, and very heterogeneous, but united in its desire to steer the world along pre-established lines, and to wage war against humanity.


From a dream interpretation webpage:

Unicorns are fantastical pure creatures. When unicorns appear in your dream, it symbolizes a gentle power that is currently in you. Don’t be afraid to tackle obstacles that are holding you back in career advancements or relationships.

Some unicorns in dreams may have the ability to speak. It will often provide righteous insight into solving problems and helping you attain set goals.

Apparently there are webpages devoted to unicorns.


For its own sake

There has been a lot of media buzz about the newly released report on torture, as practiced in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.

For people with any kind of memory, it was once unthinkable that any branch or agency of the US government would condone (much less practice) torture (mock executions, arterial pressure, water boarding). That was the stuff of 1970s military regimes in Latin America, like Pinochet’s Chile. And they were less clever about it, apparently, and sloppier (perhaps because American taxpayers were footing the bill).

Again, the mainstream and alternative media, even when critical misses the point. Many people imagine that torture was cynically conducted in order to link Iraq to Al Qaeda, providing even more lies for the 2003 war… Others think that it was just a case of the “war on terror” running slightly amok.

A more likely explanation points to the true motivations of those above and beyond formal government, which include using torture not as a means to an end but as an end in of itself, serving absolutely no political or military purpose.

This represents torture for its own sake, if you will – again, so that the usual suspects can vampire off the stress, laugh at their puppet-politicians who did their bidding, and slowly condition millions of people to participate, however passively, in their own dehumanization. Torture is about taking human nature and then slowly degrading it.

Real justice would mean that these initiators would be abolished from this world and have their souls annihilated in the next – but that would mean that we live in a real world, with organizing principles, and not in a carnival freak show.

The Real Legacy

Recently, a student presentation further opened my eyes to the current plight of Iraq. This, along with the complete meltdown of society in Libya, must represent the two most under-reported stories in the western press.

Twelve long years have passed since the US invaded Iraq along with its British overlords. Washington built an Embassy the size of the Vatican and imagined a Ramstein-on-the-Euphrates future.

Twelve long years after the invasion, Iraq is much worse off, by every measure, than it was in 2003. Just half the country (or less) has electricity. Child hunger and malnutrition is about 22%. Student enrolment in institutions of higher learning has plummeted. Unemployment is sky high. Corruption is rampant. Life expectancy is going down. Baghdad is a city of walls, divided by ethnic militias. There have been literally millions of refugees.

One recalls that the warmongers said that “only history would be the judge” of their actions in Iraq, and gave other lofty, Hitlerean assurances.

Their critics charged them with exchanging blood for oil, and with turning the US military into a goon squad for corporations. If it were only that simple…

Luckily for the mental well-being of these critics, too few contemplate the existence of a cult (a circle jerk really), finding gratification in the fear and stress of humanity, and hoping to sacrifice more souls on the altars of their false gods.