Sichuan Vocal Concert





I got to coach the above singer on English and French pronunciation of the words in songs.

Our session was in a coffee shop, but she went ahead and belted out the songs full volume,

a nice surprise for everyone there. Sings in English, French, Italian and German – and the classical Chinese songs of course.



What’s the Frequency Kenneth?


“Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near Davis Strait in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to a land open. Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara and in Syria…”

Interesting. Ankara is Turkey of course. For Nostradamus it was a funner word: Byzantium!

Edgar Cayce paired Ankara with Syria, creating a hinge for opening the door to World War III: Axis of the Apocalypse.

It seems Edgar Cayce regularly tuned into a dense information field, when he was half awake and half asleep. But his internal radio apparently absorbed both wisdom and folly. How to separate sense from nonsense?

To his credit, Cayce was right a lot, with a much higher batting average than others. For further reading:


Ripple Effect


Every few months I find myself on Amazon for some reason.

I remember to check to see if a book I published in 2008 – and removed from the market in 2010 – is still available.

In a normal world, this book would have disappeared: out of print, blah, blah, blah. But we don’t live in a normal world.

More than ever, everything is connected to everything else.  Deepak Chopra was right, even though materialists complain of his “wu-wu” physics.  Go Deepak… Go Deepak…

For no logical reason, my book is still on Amazon. At least it was as of November 23 in China.

9 Used from $94.00

4 New from $203.98

The book was interesting. But it was not that interesting.

And that dollar figure fluctuates. It has been as high as 395.00 USD. No shit.


I don’t even get the money deposited into my account anymore. I have no idea who gets it. I don’t care.

Yes, the book did have not one but two subtitles! And it did have a naked woman on the cover! Right, just in silhouette. However, there is no explaining why this book is now extremely expensive. Many out-of-print books are often purchased for like a dollar. Not even.

So what gives? Some long-time readers know partly what gives. None of them has seen the complete picture. Some newer readers suspect that there is something going on between the lines, that there are things here left unsaid.

What I will say is that this residual interest in my book stems from a 2009 event in Mexico and another 2012 event in Costa Rica (different operators though), well documented, even on the legal side, with legitimate and distinguished confirmation. A few people have used the info as a stay-out-of-jail card.

And so a small group of heavies buy and sell my stuff as collectibles. Apparently, not even my stuff stored in Panama is off limits. What’s it called when serial killers collect items? It’s not quite a “fetish.” Not really “souvenirs.” More like “trophies.”

Or it could be a small group of people (like coin collectors) are gambling on what, exactly? Are counting on what, exactly? Are they imagining that my name would be included in the Apocalypse Files? Yeah, maybe then my book would be worth real money.



Link to book – Don’t buy it! Link is just for citation/references.

All the World is a Stage


The photo above is from the new. Those below are from my creative “Facebook friends.”






























I’m beginning to think there is a separate actors union, or guild of some kind, for the growing number of crisis actors padding these attacks. While elements of these attacks are real (packaged, orchestrated), other elements are fake theatrical productions.

Even one lie in the edifice of the Paris attacks should pull down the entire monstrosity.

By the way. For those of you interested in Youtube documentation of crisis acting, please click on the links at the bottom of this article. Robbie Parker. Gene Rosen. Barbara Starr – I know, sounds like a porn name, but I doubt she would make it as a MILF: hence the crisis acting.

And now there is another crisis actor, who can be identified simply as Atlantic Boy. I know what his name is supposed to be, but he is a minor… (I have certain rules of engagement above those of the people I’m fighting, or as is said in Chinglish, the people with whom I’m having combats).

Atlantic Boy has appeared in both Sandy Hook (December 2012) and Paris (last week). He looks of course three years older but is otherwise exactly the same.

The photos below are from Sandy Hook.



Check out minute 6 onward for the video of the “family” being interviewed.

OK, now we fast forward a few years and go to Paris, France.

Notice how the father has a kind of British/Australian accent and the son has an American accent.


OK, that is enough for today. The videos below are older summaries of the many crisis actors deployed to control and manipulate public perception of these hybrid (real/fake) attacks. Fortunately the Sandy Hook event was entirely fake, with zero casualties. Adam Lanza did not even exist, but that is another story.

Robbie Parker

Gene “Stick-to-the-Script” Rosen

Barbara Starr

Boston Crisis Actors:


A Bridge Too Far


Every few days I check a bunch of websites for news, including a half dozen of the alternative websites.

Many of these have been deeply critical of the war on terror, and some of them have extensively documented the “false-flag” nature of Sandy Hook, 9/11, etc…

So it is interesting that despite deep, deep grounds for suspicion regarding the Paris attacks, these websites are now pulling their punches.

I won’t summarize the details of the previous post, but what remains unexplained are the following:

  1. The Drills.
  2. The absurd cry for Syria.
  3. The passports.
  4. The fake cafe sites (as opposed to the pizzeria, which now – 6 days later! – has a video attached to it, still not showing actual killing). Just people “diving for cover!”
  5. The crisis actors.
  6. Last but not least, and most damning: The lack of a) real-time and b) eyewitness videos and photographs of actual killing.


Notice, in the picture above (credit in references), the large numbers of people streaming the concert on their cellphones, and taking pictures. Where is all this footage when bodies are being cut down by machine gun fire?

Again, it is possible to recognize that there was killing doing on at the theater – but only after the crowd had cleared out, and after a selected number of victims were retained or inserted.

Where are the bloody photos and media of the stadium? Even of the pizzeria?

Again, there are at least six dimensions to the Paris event suggesting that powers much higher than those of ISIS – higher than those of nation-states even – piggybacked on this attack, even orchestrating it.

For the first time, American alternative media contents itself with castigating the powers-that-be for, merely, having participated in the original creation and funding of ISIS. Now, the alternative media is only willing to take a critical stance on the existing Party Line.

For America’s “alternative” media, Paris represents a “Bridge too Far.”





Sources – (note this webpage does is not a commercial or for-profit enterprise. For educational purposes only).

Packaged Terrorism


An ISIS terrorist cell launched a “real” attack in Paris, killing and wounding scores of people.

But this terrorist cell was ultimately “semi-autonomous.” This was a carefully scripted, calculated and staged event.

The Drills. The absence of citizen photos and videos. The cry for Syria. The passports. The fake cafe sites. The crisis actors.

These terrorists were co-opted, prodded and “packaged” by a small group (a cult really) owing its allegiance to no real country, having no formal name, and operating off the radar screen in Europe, Canada and the United States.

This group is not overtly visible in politics, the military or the intelligence services, but it knows where these sectors have their pressure points.

While its first rule is never to be discovered, members are obliged to leave clues as to what they are up to.

These “controllers,” for lack of a better word, approvingly monitored terrorist movements and provided two-degrees-of-separation guidance. Weapons were stolen from a French military base. A Brussels support network was allowed to function. Crucially, the controllers sponsored a sophisticated cyber attack on French security two days before the event, opening opportunities.

The terrorists also received prodding to launch their attack on Friday the 13th at the Bataclan theater, whose significance is completely meaningless for any jihadist.

The Drill

This is the first real clue that the terrorists were packaged. Drills for a multiple-site terrorist scenario coincided (again!) with an actual attack. Drills allow for the controllers to ensure that the police, military and first responders are positioned in certain locations and that they are not positioned in other locations.

Drills cloak operations from accidental discovery: “I can explain! I know this trunk is full of automatic weapons, but we are simply part of a drill!”

Photographic Control

If the Paris attacks had all occurred entirely as reported, social media would have been flooded with gruesome photographs and videos: body parts strewn on the floor; organs hanging out of half-alive people; blood spurting from slashed arteries. The managers of Facebook, Instragram and other social media would have been powerless to hold back the tsunami of stomach-turning images.

Instead, what is the world left with? One photograph that came out a full day after the attack, in low resolution, taken long after the dust had settled on the theatre attack. It was not taken by an eye-witness but some kind of official or handler of the incident.

Supposedly, tens of thousands of people were involved as “witnesses” (almost all with cameras on their cell phones) and we have one major photograph that was released, by mainstream media, the next day.

Someone more skeptical than me might say that, with a few dozen cadavers and two 5-gallon buckets of blood, they could have reproduced a scene just as convincing in the same 24-hour period. The only argument this line of thinking really has is that, for the controllers, the larger the lie the better. And so if there were no casualties at all then this makes the feat even more impressive.

Personally, I think the theater witnessed casualties.  There was deliberate evacuation of most people (who ran out when gunfire sounded to clear the place) and the actual re-introduction of other people, would-be victims.  So the operation would have proceeded in distinct and calculated phases. The last phase of killing would have only occurred at the very end, with the theater effectively locked down, no cameras present, and the stage adequately set.

“This is for Syria!”

This is ludicrous. Muslim extremists are opposed to the Syrian government so why would they shout this? Was this because they believed France was not doing enough to support the rebel cause? Having been sidelined by recent events?

This is a manufactured statement, invented to raise public support for a NATO invasion of Syria.

The Passports

Astoundingly, two of the suicide bombers were carrying passports (real or fake), Syrian and Egyptian.


More astoundingly, these passports survived the explosion intact.

This reminded me of the discovery of a hijackers passport in the rubble of 9/11 (as the only item from the passenger compartment to make it out of the fireball).


Mixed Real and Fake Attacks

In addition to the theatre attack – which in the interests of caution we will assume actually happened – the controllers are trying to leave more clues by including fake sites.


One Café that supposedly witnessed a bombing shows no real damage. A few tables and chairs were overturned. Later, a rent-a-cadaver was displayed. The forensic expert (crisis actor?) who showed up to inspect things was smoking a cigarette.

Crisis Actors

Here, the controllers are not only leaving a clue but also making an inside joke (more like laughing in our faces). Some of the same crisis actors who appeared in previous productions are being paraded around, for show.


These crisis actors are emotional basket cases and are rarely taken off their leashes. They live to perform. Literally.


From Yahoo’s front page

My favorite crisis actor (above) was displayed on the homepage of! This young woman has been spotted by many of us multiple times. This is not a mistake. The controllers are not being sloppy. They just want to be sure we have their business cards.

The Aftermath

Forget Kenya, forget Beirut. Apparently Paris is the center of world civilization.

The politicians, bureaucrats and generals we see have nothing to do with packaging terrorism. They are merely stooges. A few of them need a nudge from time to time (the usual blackmail or bribery).

Muslims everywhere are insisting that the Paris attack does not represent their religion. But why is their claim that the attack is “un-Islamic” more valid that the jihadist claim? Who represents Islam? It’s a big tent religion, apparently, with room for all kinds of atrocities.

The Christian evangelicals now lighting up social media are inspired, not by the struggle to end tyranny, but by the quickening pace of the End Times. Rapture Ready! Talk about a “stand down” religion!

Don’t hold your breath.

Christians are waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus – oblivious to the fact that there was no First Coming. He was never here. So it’s gonna be a long wait…

On the Sunday talk shows, the usual Zionist warmongers have come out of the woodwork, imploring the world to attack Syria. Their sense of gravitas suggests they believe themselves to be at the top of the pyramid. But they are not. To the controllers, they are as disposable as the jihadist suicide bomber.

It seems so obvious: the terrorist attack on Paris was carefully packaged. About 5 – 10% of western populations think similarly. They know that mainstream media and politicians cannot stop lying.

This begs the question: Why have Russia and China remained silent on this and other attacks? Silence is consent, after all. There are three possibilities.

First, Russia and China have perhaps merged, or are hoping to merge, with the highest grid of global power. This would mean that they have been co-opted and will not challenge the official version of events.

Second, Russia and China perhaps remain unaware of the behind-the-scene and above-the-scene operations in Paris and elsewhere. In this scenario, these governments have no access to information other than what the western media offers on a spoon.

The first two scenarios are quite negative, implying that these “silent powers” are either 1) corrupt or 2) ignorant. So let us hope they are false scenarios, because there is a lot at stake.

This world is an obstacle course, and we are failing. We are in the Aztec Fifth World, and it’s the last one. There will not be a Sixth try. The human experiment will end. Game over.

Meantime, if there is ever a digital document dump (even by the controllers themselves, since this is a game), and Russia and China are discovered to have been silent on the matter of synthetic terror, then the entire Security Council, with all five permanent members, would (and should) collapse.

There is a third possibility. I’m not quite sure what it is. But the first and second possibilities are so discouraging that I’m hoping there is a “known unknown” in this scene. I’m hoping that I’m blind to something important.


The Paris attacks are the product of collusion between two forces.

On the one hand, we have a semi-autonomous terrorist group, with a deep hatred of the West and an addiction to violence. These are probably the easiest people on the planet to manipulate.

On the other hand, we have a cult of controllers, considerably smarter and more capable than the ordinary humans they sometimes puppet, with allegiance to no nation, and to no religion, who left numerous clues as to their handiwork.

Their agenda is simple: to tighten up the matrix of global enslavement, with an eye on exterminating most of the human race.


Post-rugby match pics (with Kunming and Chongching teams)
















Deja Vu…


Calling for “muscle” to remove a peaceful student photographer…

Something strange is happening on American college campuses.

Many students – of all backgrounds – are claiming a right to feel “unoffended” at all times. They are insisting on harsher measures to control speech and expression, and the creation of safe zones.

To be sure, racism and sexism in the United States remain problems, but these battles are best fought against the economic and political oligarchy, specifically against a monetary system that injects money into the top of the system (select banks and corporations) for the purposes of enslaving the rest of the population. The only real solution to American social problems requires a change of the monetary system.

So, what are many college students focusing on, instead? Halloween costumes with sombreros and mustaches… Etc…

People are forgetting major US Supreme Court rulings on the matter: Political speech, even offensive hate speech, must be tolerated unless it realistically appears to be triggering violence (“fighting words”). John’s right to free speech and expression is ultimately more valuable than Joe’s right not to be offended. Otherwise, there would have been no American Revolution, and we would all be living under the British Monarchy to this day.

Most alternative and critical media in the US focus on, and make fun of, the Left’s drive for political correctness. Yes, that critique is spot on. But conservatives and libertarians also push their own brand of PC. It is very un-PC – for this crowd – to attack Christianity (as I am fond of doing). So, instead of worrying about racist Pancho Villa costumes, they worry about “Merry Christmas” being taken off Starbucks cups.

The politically-correct movement (Left and Right) is now on steroids. It reminds one of an era many people remember here in China: the Cultural Revolution, when almost all campuses closed down for a few years – after, that is, episodes of students (egged on by some professors) literally attacking other professors for being politically incorrect. I know a local professor in his late 60s who remembers that time well. He still seems traumatized from it, understandably edgy.


Most Chinese look back on the Cultural Revolution as a mistake, as time wasted. It certainly was. Now, the lessons of those excesses effectively inoculate the current generation of Chinese against following down that path.

Americans would be surprised to learn how much freedom of expression is actually visible on Chinese campuses (apparently more than on American campuses).

There are Chinese students vocal about gay rights, vocal about the environment, family policy and so on. It is rare to hear a sustained critique of the overall system (which is broadly popular anyways, having delivered China from a condition of war and poverty to one of peace and prosperity within three generations).

Of course, for Americans the Tiananmen event, when evaluating China, is paramount in the psyche. But the political and military officials responsible for that overreaction have been arrested or purged. There is no continuity between that administration and the present one.

Personally, I remain convinced that there is more variety of opinion within the Chinese single-party system than there is within the American two-party system (which is really two factions of the same party).

As explained in a previous posting, American politics has at least “Seven Sacred Cows,” and Chinese politics has only one: the authority of the ruling party, with everything else being up for debate.

American universities are becoming political minefields. Students, and especially professors, must adhere to ever more ludicrous standards of politically-correct behavior, lest they place their careers in jeopardy.

Well, if some American professors ever become claustrophobic, they can always vote with a plane ticket, and fly East.

The Unexpected Fanbase

Singles Day is breaking all records. Online shopping, after midnight, broke 100 million RMB within 18 seconds; it broke 10 billion RMB within 12 minutes, and it broke 20 billion RMB within 30 minutes.

In American terms, online shopping in China broke 5 billion dollars within an hour.

“Never before have so many owed so much to so few (websites),” to turn a Churchillian phrase.

The variety show on CCTV, to promote Singles Day, had promised that the President of the United States would address the audience. I was actually watching TV at the time (background) with Miranda (from northern China). Sure enough, people did not know quite what to expect…

Then came Kevin Spacey to address China. Of course, he was playing Frank Underwood, the US President in the show House of Cards – which ranks right up there, along with Big Bang Theory, as China’s favorite American show.

I wonder if the actors and producers of the show realize that, while House of Cards is popular in America, way more Chinese than Americans watch the show (having 4X the population). I’ve seen every episode on (much of whose content is not visible in the US, blocked as it is by the Great American Firewall).

But hey, youku is a life saver: Where else can one see every single episode of Battlestar Galactica for free?

So Kevin Spacey was on CCTV 1 and nailed it.

“If this Singles’ Day is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to spoil yourself with a little online shopping, then I must say I’m more than a little jealous. Here at the White House, there’s so many firewalls blocking me from shopping online that not even the president will be able to take advantage of those amazing deals you’ll see online during this holiday.”

Of course it was all kind of tongue in cheek, with some inside jokes for the Chinese.