Got Religion?

I will be changing themes in the next few days, but this posting continues with juxtaposing China and the United States.

Again, the contrast finds that China has some major advantages, some features that are more attractive and commendable than those back home.

For starters, there are no televangelists claiming that Ted Cruz, or anybody else, has been anointed by God to be president. In China, no politician (or politician’s father) is running around claiming to be on the God Squad.

But who knows? Their god is a Middle Eastern real-estate agent (slumlord) with a penchant for tribalism – so anything is possible.

Here in China, if anyone began speaking in tongues, handling snakes, dancing as if possessed or standing on street corners with billboards, well, there might be a psychological intervention of some kind.

I guess this is a litmus test. If the Anointed One sweeps the primaries then maybe the Christian view is the right one. Vindicated. Ted Cruz, apparently a closet Dominionist (anti-Constitutionalist) would be Heaven Sent.

What if the Anointed One loses the primaries? Then Christianity itself should be judged as impoverished and hollow, and as the fraudulent pyramid scheme that it really is.

In Perspective

Sometimes the American media reduces the complexities – and certainly the vast scale – of China, down to a few generalizations.

Even when this is not the intent, many Americans understandably lack the capacity to truly comprehend a country with more than four times the population of the United States. Stereotypes take hold.

And so articles about financial corruption in China are taken and enlarged. Of course, there are examples of corruption here and there, with a lot of new money floating about. The odd bank manager or mayor can disappear with untold millions. It happens.

However, in China, these crooks are hunted down and, if caught, they are prosecuted. Some of them are put out of the country’s misery with a bullet to the back of the head. This happens less and less, but it happens. I’m trying to think of the last time an American was put down for corporate fraud. Right. It’s never happened.

In the United States, corruption is often rewarded, and only the schmucks get prosecuted. Consider the 2008 meltdown, for example, where only Bernie Madoff went to jail, having stolen not from the masses but from billionaires (his big mistake).

Corruption in China tends to be a mid-level phenomenon. The average Chinese, the ordinary man and woman on the street, has extremely high ethical standards and is extremely honest.

The top levels of government and corporate leadership here are also honest. To reach those levels of power one must meet exacting Confucian standards for both ethics and competence (scarce commodities among western leaders).

Corruption in China is mostly found in the mid-level areas, with mayors and such, people who rose fast and fell to temptation. Anti-corruption campaigns are emerge from two directions – from below and from above – to squeeze out corruption, like sandwich bread pushing the filling outward.

One of the latest initiatives is the “reverse-benefit model” in which either a briber or a bribee can turn the other in, escape prosecution, and still keep part of the money, even after the corruption is underway. This breaks the trust between would-be conspirators.

Mainstream media in the US smears China as a land of corruption, but this is not the case. Nor does its economy represent a speculative bubble. This is a cash-based economy. Few people have credit cards. Wild speculation and bubbles are limited to the topmost layer, and confined to certain corners of the real-estate and stock market. China’s Mainstreet economy is solid. And now its currency is being incrementally backed by gold.

But getting back to the earlier point: If the United States applied the same standards as China, we would have to shoot every third person on Wall Street.

Hey, now, there’s an idea.

33 Days Left?

People predict the end of the economy on a regular basis.

The End is Nigh! Is it? Maybe.

Peter Schiff : Last Warning To America – Dollar Will Collapse 100% In 28 May 2016

Boarding High School






With the last three photos below, I could not help thinking that Christian fundamentalists back in the US would have a panic attack, if a high school were to be decorated with Darwin (evolution), Einstein (relativity) and the pantheon of historical materialists – Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

This is “Old School” school decoration, as the new China is more complex and non-ideological – not as easy to decorate.




Adult Supervision Needed

Lebanon refused to go along with Saudi Arabian resolutions against Iran at recent Arab diplomatic meetings.

So now the Saudis want to punish Hezbollah, which was influential in the Lebanese position. (Hezbollah is actually normal political party with seats in parliament. Originally Shia, it has strong Sunni and secular backing and is basically pan-Lebanese and nationalist. That was my impression after going to Beirut.

However, the Saudi efforts to blacklist Hezbollah at the UN resulted in vetoes by Russia and China. These two superpowers weighed in with a double veto – yet again! The previous significant double veto in the region was to prevent the US and NATO from doing to Syria what it did to Libya. A double double veto actually.


So once again, Russia and China are forced to provide adult supervision, and play the role of playground monitor, and end the unruly behavior.

The US stayed out of the fray – this time! – seeing the realist writing on the wall, but Washington also sides with Saudi Arabia, some of the Gulf States, and Israel.

What is interesting is that Saudi Araia – applauded by the US and Israel – recently got the Arab League to brand Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Basically, this Saudi-centric coalition just got the Arab League to violate its own Charter.

The Arab League was not founded as a political organization but specifically limited its scope to the following under Article II:

  1. Economic and financial affairs
  2. Communications
  3. Cultural affairs.
  4. Nationality, passports, [etc…]
  5. Social affairs.
  6. Health affairs.

Just a few short years ago, as covered on this site, the Arab League violated Article VIII with its position of seeking to overthrow Pres. Assad of Syria.

“Each shall pledge to abstain from any action calculated to change established systems of government.”

Saudi Arabia and its allies – the usual suspects – recently manipulated the Gulf Cooperation Council to produce an anti-Hezbollah position. This, despite the GCC also being founded as non-political!

The GCC Charter specifies its purpose:

Economic and financial affairs

Commerce, customs and communications

Education and culture

To stimulate scientific and technological progress…

We are now witnessing the  incremental politicization and corruption of not one but two international organizations.

How this coalition delights in its scheming!



Arab League Charter

Gulf Coop Council Charter



The death of Prince could have been accidental. But theories will emerge regarding this being a high-tech wack-job by a cult that goes back to at least Marylin Monroe.

So, meantime, there is a new interesting Vigilant Citizen report on the following.

Does Ladies’ Code “Galaxy” Celebrate the Death of Two of the Group’s Members?

The K-Pop group Ladies’ Code was hit with tragedy in 2014 when two of the five members of the group lost their lives in a car accident. “Galaxy”, the first video made with the remaining three members, is rather strange …because it is all about celebrating the number three.

K-Pop (Korean Pop) is basically the result of the occult elite implementing its twisted music industry agenda in Asia, complete with its symbolism, obsession with mind control and even dark rituals. Behind this is a particularly exploitative entertainment industry, one that is riddled with accusations of mental, physical and sexual abuse. In 2009, a Korean actress even revealed that she was being used as a sex slave (and then she committed suicide).

For more reading:

Tragedy and Farce

Evidence keeps mounting that Saudi Arabian officials participated in 9-11. While some in Congress want to air this dirty laundry, others – including the White House – are committed to the cover up.

Why is the US president visiting this rogue regime? Why is he not visiting Lebanon, the closest thing the Middle East has to a working secular democracy? If this is about showmanship?


As the Wall Street Journal reports, Obama arrived today in the Saudi kingdom for a brief trip “meant to provide reassurances to Gulf allies and to bolster his own foreign-policy legacy.

With just nine months left in office, Mr. Obama is aiming to steady what have become rocky relationships in the region and to tackle issues ranging from the fight against Islamic State to addressing Iranian aggression, along with easing tensions between Tehran and Saudi Arabia. But in Riyadh, the president will find frustrated allies who already have begun to look ahead to the next administration.

Obama plans to spend about 28 hours in the Saudi capital, holding talks with King Salman Wednesday afternoon and attending a Thursday summit hosted by leaders of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. This trip, perhaps the last to Riyadh during Mr. Obama’s presidency, serves as a bookend for an administration that once sought a “new beginning” for the U.S. and the Islamic world, but now is confronting the prospect of a tense conclusion to this chapter.

Of course, the main reason for the simmering Saudi tensions has been the thawing of US relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s self-proclaimed biggest regional threat.

Meanwhile, from the NYT, here are some pointers on what Obama should not do during his visit: sell even more weapons to the belligerent kingdom in exchange for goodwill that only lasts as long as the status quo is not threatened.

When President Obama visits Saudi Arabia this week for a meeting with representatives from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, he should avoid doing what he did at Camp David last May, the last time he met with them: promise more arms sales. Since Mr. Obama hosted that meeting, the United States has offered over $33 billion in weaponry to its Persian Gulf allies, with the bulk of it going to Saudi Arabia. The results have been deadly.

For continued reading:

Beyond Binary?

There has been much ado about the trans-gender bathroom issue. Bills are being proposed; laws are being passed; arguments for and against are being made.

Might there be a way to accommodate both traditional and “culturally-creative” people?

On my recent trip to Bangkok, I could not help notice how many third gender people there are – I think they are called “katoys.” They are usually young men who have bombarded their endocrine systems with estrogen, losing body hair, developing breasts, but lacking the cash to remove their johnsons.

Society does not consider katoys to be men who have become women, or the other way around, but as a distinct third gender – not “trans” or “above” gender but an alternate, third type.

Perhaps, in the future, more establishments can simply have bathrooms for men, women, and what… “Third gender” might not catch on. “Other?” That sounds weird. “Trans?” That also sounds weird and reminds me of “trans-fats.” “Gender neutral?” Perhaps.

Meantime Facebook users are freaking out. They ask if you would want the following dude “sharing a bathroom with your daughter.” Then they will post a photo of some psycho walking down the street. He is barely dressed in a miniature pink unitard, oblivious to the rules of normal civilization, all hairy, sweaty and gross. Well, as the daughter of a 13-year-old, I’d have to say “no.”

However, for every psycho there are many legitimately transgendered and well-behaved people, so what is the solution? A third bathroom?

The world economy is a house of cards, and here we are talking about where people should relieve themselves. Maybe that’s the plan all along.


Does Iran have its own private Panama Papers?

Does it have the goods on high-ranking US officials?

Yes, on both counts. Iran has a few trump cards (not just one). They don’t want the game to end, is all.

What else might explain the recent nuclear deal in which Iran received basically all of its requests? And the US and its allies simply conceeded, submitted and relinquished?

To rub western noses in it, Iran recently undertook a new round of missile tests.

Meantime, Iran’s economy is booming. Sanctions are fading. Many major countries, including China and Russia, conduct a brisk trade with Iran.

So much for the “crippling sanctions” envisioned by hand-wringers at AIPAC just a few short years ago.

Not that I am an Iranophile. The one redeeming feature of the regime is that it stands in opposition to western hegemony, maintaining its national sovereignty. Otherwise, internally, its government wields an authority tainted by the state being “Islamic.”

Islam is a religion – exactly like Christianity and Judaism – of gibberish, punctuated by half-truths.

Meantime, it is somewhat satisfying to watch Iran stickin’ it to man. Literally, I suppose.

Cool Idea


Xi’an Airport in China now has a row of these Sleep Boxes. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in any airport.

The photo is from my cell phone, downloaded to a laptop via WeChat, so it is grainy.

They come with television sets and appear popular with tourists, especially “the foreigner peoples” :).

However, if they made the beds a tad wider and more comfortable, the motto on the box could be:

“Take a Nap or Have a Quickie.”