Canine Crackdown

Now this from Iran:

“Dog lovers in central Iran are in uproar after authorities began confiscating their pets in an apparent crackdown on the ‘vulgar Western culture’ of canine ownership, Iranian media reported Saturday.”

So the mullahs have nothing better to do than persecute Persian pets.

Of course, it is Iran’s business, but to set the record straight: Dog ownership is not a western habit. It is a Paleolithic habit that stuck and is practiced everywhere.

We gave dogs left over scraps; they alerted and protected us. Along the way, we also provided each other with amusement. How about some gratitude?

Today people everywhere own dogs. My Chinese neighbors have plenty. In the elevator and on the back patio, to the amusement of their owners, I talk to the dogs in English. The dogs seem to understand.

My complaint here is that owners frequently walk dogs without a leash, crossing busy intersections and walking on sidewalks next to speeding traffic. Lots of close calls. I can’t bear to look…

Here in China, authorities often issue licenses with a photo of the dog, and the largest breeds are supposedly not allowed in some neighborhoods. I met a guy with a huge dog, and he said he used photo-shop to make the dog look smaller.

No mention of dogs in China would be complete without addressing the controversy of canine cuisine, of how dogs sometimes (in southern China) end up on the dinner plate. Fortunately the practice is quickly disappearing because of the New Chinese who are challenging this older practice.

Regarding dogs and Islam, it has been said, even by those defending Iran’s canine crackdown, that dogs are considered by the religion to be unclean. That, too, is what I was told in Tunisia – that all dogs were unclean except for the Saluki. And the only reason the Saluki was clean (in reality) is because like the Greyhound it is a race dog. Good for gambling. What a convenient exception to this religious dictate.

Brexit Film

Now that the UK has liberated itself from a continental-sized feudalist system based on top-down control, it can expect a Renaissance. With luck, the UK will ascend to the prosperous economic level of Norway or Switzerland, which of course are non-EU members, and therefore thriving (despite neighboring the world’s only declining trade bloc).

Britain is going to be an exciting place to live and work. Who knows, whenever it comes time for me to make another jump, I should “Go West” from China and return to the country of my paternal ancestors, specifically Leicester. Although I’m not sure how Leicester is really pronounced…

The film below, at 1 hour and minutes, is a brilliant movie about Brexit. It even traces the oligarchic origins of the superstate.



Requiem for the EU


Is it too early to dance on the grave of the European Union?

Today it’s the UK repelling the EU, and soon, hopefully, it will be the France, Italy, the Netherlands, etc…

Perhaps Eastern Europe, too, will begin to roll back the new European Empire. Just as in 1944, the forces of liberation will push from both West and East.

Then in Brussels (the new Berlin), the Eurocrats should descend to their bunkers and put themselves out of everyone’s misery. But some of us will wonder if they really absconded to Paraguay.

At this mass for the dead, it might be useful to play a song from The Guess Who: She’s Come Undone

The lyrics are perfect. 3 minutes on youtube.

Got a Light?


Recently, the presumed Republican nominee, Donald Trump, launched an all-out attack on the record of this administration, including on the record of the Democratic nominee.

While I do not agree with the Trump on everything – including cracking down on Mexican immigrants who were actually forced to come here by NAFTA (and encouraged to stay here by the government!) – Trump is certainly right that the Obama-Clinton duo presided over a horrendous foreign policy.

This administration poured gasoline all over North Africa and the Near East, lit a match, and flicked it into the fumes.

This administration invaded Libya with lies (the deep state is getting a lot of practice). It then handed over the country to Al Qaeda and ISIS, and not by accident but on purpose. The Manchurian Senator was in Libya posing with these fundamentalists, promising them everything.

It seems that the US Ambassador objected to this policy, and objected to the administration’s related policy of funneling weapons and rebels to Syria. Perhaps that is why this administration refused to lift a finger to save the man’s life, despite his repeated pleas?

In Syria, this administration used extra-state rebels (in this case jihadists) to try (trying so hard!) to overthrow a government registered at the United Nations. That is the definition of terrorism. Why members of this administration are not on terrorist-watch lists around the world is beyond me.

Actually, I know why. The war on terror is often used as a shield for sitting NATO governments, as protection against any opposition to their economic and financial plunder, and as a means to overthrow regimes seeking a breakaway from the petrodollar.

It is true that western nations are processing millions of refugees who fled with nothing but the shirts on their backs. This makes true vetting impossible. On one level, it is understandable why many people are hesitant to allow more refugees entry; on another level, someone, somehow, has to take responsibility for launching these wars to begin with. The US cannot simply help create the refugee crisis and then retreat from assistance. Is there a third option?

Yes, there is. Saudi Arabia should be accepting all these refugees. Not only did the Saudis applaud the start of all these wars, but their peninsula is thinly populated, even the habitable zones, and there is a cultural and linguistic affinity.

But one reason that Saudi Arabia is reluctant is because the majority of these refugees, despite western fears, are actually secular, and they would launch a much-needed modernist revolution within Saudi Arabia.

Trump was also right in that the democrats are using “blood money” to fuel their campaign. Saudi Arabia, for example, owns the democratic candidate, who professes support for the LGBT community at home, but who serves foreign powers decapitating gays and oppressing women. All these criticisms are correct.

I do depart from Trump’s blind support for Israel. The US should not be supporting any government unconditionally with blank checks and endless vetoes at the Security Council, in this case to shield Israel from international law. This reflects “policy capture” by an ethnic mafia.

A one-state solution is clearly best, but not by negotiation. This should be forced on both sides by the outside world, at gunpoint. This is the only way to help eradicate the concept of first-class citizenship based on religion, in this case on anachronistic dogma.

Secular citizenship and equal protection under the law are the only solutions: Be human, or get out.

It is also true as true, as Trump says, that several rival powers have a “Blackmail File” on the democratic candidate, which appears to exist in various editions, some being more complete. Rival governments hint at its existence for diplomatic leverage from time to time, but they are too chicken to release it. Because the other term for it is the “Apocalypse File.”

The Four Horsemen and all that.


ABC News just reported this:

“The Philippine president-elect said Tuesday that he recently asked the U.S. ambassador whether Washington will support the Philippines in case of a possible confrontation with China in the disputed South China Sea.”

This actually undermines the Filipino claim. Supposedly, this is a national claim of sovereignty over the islands?

So why is the Philippines pleading with a former colonial power to have its back?

As much as I like the Philippines, its status of being an independent nation state – as opposed to an unincorporated cultural zone – is shockingly recent. And I do like the Philippines. In fact, if I had to remain in only one country for the rest of my life, it would be that, the Philippines.

The Philippines went from being decentralized islands to being a colony of Spain. Then, for all practical purposes, it became an American colony in 1898. Then, it became a Japanese colony during World War II.

After World War II, in 1945, is the first time the Philippines sustained any real sense of sovereignty. And that is being generous. President Ferdinand Marcos ran a kind of neo-colonial operation until 1985.

So I’m wondering how the Filipino claim, which is at best 70 years old,  competes with a Chinese claim going back 1,000 years or more.

Even more absurdly, the South China Sea is being renamed the “West Philippines Sea.”

Deconstructing Orlando

There are quite a few problems with the Orlando shooting incident. Lots of things do not add up.

That being said, the padding of falsehoods around the core lie is thicker than usual. The falsehoods are extravagant. People went, well, out of their way. This was much better planned than Sandy Hook.

Here, we will go through a list of those inconsistencies discovered by others and myself, and conclude with a consideration of several likely scenarios for what took place in Orlando.

No raw, real-time, unfiltered photos or videos.

This is a problem, as mentioned a few days ago. Every witness to this incident has a camera and can instantly post unmediated evidence on social media. There should have been a huge volume of photos and videos, and not just the occasional rumor.

Almost a week later, Huffungton Post embedded one short, grainy video purportedly taken in the bathroom of the club, but still did not show the core event, and it looked manipulated.

There was another short, inconclusive video of a young woman’s spaced-out face, and what sounded like shots could be heard in the background. Neither of these videos surfaced in real time.

Security cameras at Pulse were down for maintenance.

Crisis Actors and Suspicious “Witnesses”

There are several people involved who just don’t seem legit.

Cable news convened a panel of “doctors” from the regional medical center, but something about them seems sketchy.

At least two of them have no real history going back more than a week. And the rest sat there like bumps on a log.

One surgeon interviewed by Greta Van Sustern, Michael Cheatham
(“Cheat”), claimed that within minutes of the event 20 gunshot victims were brought in immediately for surgery.

However, the shooter was still active then, with the Pulse blocked. Also, other witnesses, doctors and media reported that the victims were brought in “one at a time.”


Ha ha. Does this look like a man who has been in trauma surgery for a few days straight?

Another doctor with little documentation is Dr. Matthew “Lube.” I would normally add “no kidding,” but the kidding is intentional.

The doctor’s panel was steered towards the central talking point of the gathering: how wounds from AR-15 assault rifles differ from regular guns. Not terribly much.

In reality, many hunting rifles have a faster muzzle velocity and can do more damage, depending on the ammunition (bringing down an elk at 500 yards and all that), than an AR-15 (which looks much scarier, granted, and more subversive).

American Flag Guy


This guy! This guy shows up everywhere, and at all hours, day and night. Amazingly, despite being dressed like a freak, he can be seen milling around on multiple videos with first responders, behind the police tape.

620306515141566461 419329525467057900

More suspicious still is that he is seen carrying a wounded person – for the cameras – towards the Pulse night club, that is, he helps carry the victim from a distant point a few blocks away from the club towards it, as visible in the photo of the video on the right. The Pulse club is next to the pink sign on the right side of the photo, and many people have taken other landmarks and google mapped it for confirmation. They are walking toward the club.


Another pod of crisis actors carried a man with red shoes, as if wounded. But don’t worry folks, he was later later placed back onto his feet and walked away, thinking the cameras were not recording. In the photo on the right, the red shoes can be seen at the bottom.

Jose Colom


This guy tried to pass himself off as an ordinary Joe living close by, but he is actually prominent in local politics and has been investigated for drugs and witness tampering.


How difficult would it be to get this man to do anything?

Luis Burbano

This guy says he was in the club, blocking the door to keep the attacker from leaving (maybe blocking victims?) It turns out he is a small-time actor and listed on imbd:


Luis Burbano is an actor, known for The Sacred (2009), B.F.F (2011) and Less Lost (2012).

Christine Leinonin

This woman (“lei”) says she woke up at 3 am, checked Facebook, and read a comment that there was a shooting at the Pulse.


She then went looking for her son; however, rather than hanging around the hospital for news, she focused on a series of television interviews – at night and in the day –  with the message of advancing gun control legislation for assault rifles. This middle aged woman can distinguish between regular weapons and assault rifles.

Christine alternated between crying (not very realistically) and smiling broadly, soaking up the attention. She seemed to be in a state of bliss.


Anderson Cooper even had to remark “Where does your strength come from, I mean you’re smiling…”

(This clip was not looped to death as CNN and Fox News often do).

As it turned out, Christine has repeatedly tried to get onto the Wheel of Fortune and made videos of her life, talking about her two cats. No mention of any son.

So, in the youtube clip below, she says that she has been waiting in the emergency room. But she is in the street appearing across a full spectrum of televised media.

Please take acting classes! The “plug” comes at 3:46 in the video

In the next clip, the editor makes a strong argument that this woman has been taped in a Green Room. In fact, this is suggested by the reflection in her eyeglasses.


Gotta Have Numerology

As with so many other false flag and/or hoax attacks, the number 33 is broadcast prominently. In this case, multiple media outlets reported that the first list of identified victims was of “33” people.

33 of the 49 Victims of the Orlando Mass Shooting Terror Hate Crime Attack Have Now Been Named


What of the shooter, Omar Mateen? Who is connected to a prominent security company.

As with the Boston case, the suspect here is connected to the FBI, and like the Tsarnaev brothers, could have deep duped into thinking he was conducting some kind of operation or drill – and then sacrificed as a patsy.

It is also curious that his father has ties to the CIA.

I actually do not demonize the FBI, CIA and DHS as much as others, since there are good people working there. To be more accurate, the groups engineering false flag events are not on the government’s payroll; they simply have sufficient leverage and power to place these agencies into their toolbox.

Perhaps a more accurate description of the relationship between the western oligarchy and intelligence/security services is one of master and dog. These are lapdog agencies, and their ultimate behavior mimics that of order-following pets.

Multiple witnessed do report that there was extra security at the club, and that “somebody knew that this was going to happen.”

What was it that actually happened?

I can only be sure that the events, as presented by the media, are tinged with falsehoods and lies. No real-time evidence. Crisis actors everywhere.

This could have been a false flag, with people sacrificed in the event. And it remains unclear where the western oligarchy ends and ISIS begins. The US and the UK are still funding ISIS for Christ’s sake. Washington ignores the analysis of other western agencies, and the UN, regarding their client rebels in Syria and ties to ISIS and Al Qaeda. What a strange position to be in: a foreign policy supporting ISIS and a domestic policy opposing it (supposedly).

Or, like Sandy Hook, Orlando could have been a complete hoax from A to Z. And the victims are just recycled and edited lists of missing people. I do not know. I only know that mainstream media, well, cannot stop lying.

Many people are half right when they think that the propaganda around this is about gun control. Yes, that is half of the picture.

These controllers, these manipulators, understand that after each incident many people rush to buy more guns for protection, and nothing stimulates weapons sales like these attacks. Does not compute.

So the motivation is actually two-fold: 1) empower the gun-control movement, 2) and witness millions of Americans arming themselves to the teeth.

Of course this seems to be a contradiction and it is. But only then can there be a conflagration of epic proportions, as a neo-fascist state moves to confiscate guns from well-armed citizens.

What a show! And apparently, it will be televised!

Believe it or Not… Gore Vidal spoke at my high school graduation. Maybe that partly accounts for my views…

I agree with Christopher Hitchens when he said “Islam is Bullshit!” But of course, Christianity and Judaism are also bullshit, as he also demonstrated.

Just two decades ago “Christians” were running around the US assassinating judges and blowing up abortion clinics. It is pretty clear what kinds of crimes are committed in Israel in the name of Orthodox “Jews” – one just has to read the United Nations reports.

It is all the same religion, with origins in cults of human and animal sacrifice. This religion attempts to monopolize truth and, with varying degrees, condemns non-believers to sub-humanity or Hell. This singular religion – with three profitable franchises – claims ownership not only over one’s life but also over one’s soul.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism share many religious texts and, while differing on details, believe in the exact same god. Here there are two main possibilities, within the religious paradigm that is:

First, that this god is the one true god and that, essentially, all Muslims, Christians and Jews have mutilated the message and deviated from the path; or

Second, that this god is, in actuality, a demon of middle rank.

The more I look into the Orlando incident, the more it looks suspicious. It is with some relish that I will be identifying the innumerable inconsistencies and countless lies in 2 – 3 days.

Simplistic Debate

At some point this weekend, this webpage will analyze the Orlando events in more detail, casting doubt on the official version of events.

Meantime the debate swirling back in the USA appears especially ridiculous from a distance, with both democrats and republicans suffering from brain-freeze.

Democrats, supposedly liberal, continued the neocon warmongering in the Middle East, invading Libya, sponsoring a jihadist rebellion in Syria, and applauding Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi war crimes in Yemen. Simultaneously, this administration continues to spend extravagantly on Israel, writing a new record-breaking 40 billion check for its occupation machine. And people are surprised that there is (or might have been) some blowback.

Not that terrorism is ever justified: it is simply to be expected. And it is to be expected with the certainty of Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Interestingly, these same democrats are now upset about the availability of firearms, forgetting that this administration intentionally armed Mexican drug cartels and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. So the Second Amendment only applies to drug runners and jihadists.

Republicans, or some of them, want to tighten the screws on Muslim immigrants. But how, exactly, do American embassy and consular staff, processing visa applications, even know if a person is Muslim?

These republicans forget that extremely few countries identify people with religious affiliation. Lebanon, for example, which had been torn by ethnic strife for decades, removed religious affiliation from ID cards in 2009.

Lebanon is 50% Muslim and 40% Christian. What are US consular officers to do?

Ask “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Islamic religion?” Or are all immigrants to be banned from any nation with a 51% or plus Muslim majority?

Many other countries, like Morocco or Tunisia, are Muslim in name only, with untold millions of people really being secular. Are we going to have a grandfather clause? “If your grandfather was a Muslim, you are a Muslim…”

The uber-oligarchy is now in a win-win situation with the Orlando debate: if the liberals win, they get more gun control; and if the conservatives win, they get more support for perpetual war in the Middle East.

Expiration Date Passes

After the terror attack in Orlando, or alleged attack, one would expect to see a veritable avalanche of gruesome photos and videos, unstoppably cascading down a wide range of social media, from Facebook to Instagram to everything else.

I would have expected 36 full hour of limbs and entrails here and there, severed heads, the works. What has transpired in this time frame? Nothing.

Now, unfortunately, anything that the mainstream media will attempt to pass as photos or videos from the attack will probably not be genuine.

Hopefully the union has negotiated pay outside of the 3-mile zone. Set dressers, a few crisis actors, a mannequin wheeled into an ambulance. Some renamed missing persons produced as casualties. That is all I’ve seen so far. Similar to Sandy Hook.

Let’s keep track which which powers and media outlets, some alternative, push the official propaganda.


Quite the Book

There are at least half-a-dozen true accounts of westerners imprisoned in Thailand. I picked up one of these books and could not put it down. It is about a British national who spent 17 years languishing in one of the worst prison systems on the planet. Brutal.

In 1985, on my first trip to Thailand, my friend John and I read a poster in a hostel about the Americans jailed in Bangkok. We took the boat up the river to the jail, registered to visit, and were allowed to bring in ziploc bags with toothpaste and whatnot. That’s what the poster recommended.

The guards brought three prisoners to talk with us through two chain link fences: two African-Americans from New York and an Anglo Canadian from Hamilton. They had been given between 35 – 70 years, and one had already been in 8 years, but were surely released within a decade after we arrived because of the occasional (not too occasional) royal pardon.

At the time we talked, their daily life was an ongoing nightmare. And no one had visited them in almost a year.

On the one hand, Thailand is an independent country with its own judicial system; on the other hand, Thailand signed various international agreements and protocols regarding human rights in prison, violating many of them. Had they not signed these agreements, it would be harder to criticize.

Hopefully the prison system in Thailand has improved somewhat in recent years. But the obvious failure of the Thai government to do anything about it across entire decades, despite promising otherwise to the world, is a disgrace.