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Wenshu Monastery






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Room with a View

Sunday morning rom my 1 bedroom apartment

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It turns out that Westerners and Asians scan faces of strangers differently.

Westerners first look at the eyes and then mouth, in a triangle, while Asians learn, recognize and categorize strangers’ faces by concentrating on the nose. Link below.


The Luxury of Flying

Imagine, a century ago my trip to China would have been arduous by today’s standards. I would have had to cross the entire United States by train (made possible by Chinese laborers), to San Francisco.

Then I would have boarded a boat to China – the economical “slow boat to China” no doubt. I would have been wracked by seasickness and malnourishment.

Instead, thanks to the modern marvel of flying, I boarded an Etihat jet, where runway-model stewardesses plied us with great food, and where each person could watch all kinds of movies and TV shows. What Etihat has done to “upfit” the 777 is amazing. What a classy airline.

Forget napping, I can sleep when I’m dead. It’s better to get jacked on caffeine and watch stuff I somehow missed. I hoovered almost 24 hours of media, and among my recommendations:

The Knick


The Knick is a Cinemax show directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Clive Owen. The writing, visuals and even music are all excellent. The show catapults you back more than 100 years ago to the New York Knickerbocker Hospital. It’s not for the squeamish… One would not want to time travel into the past without one’s shots.


1231428 - FURY

Fury is a hyper-realistic war movie about a tank crew in the last days of World War II. I’ve always been into these kinds of movies, having I went on a series of battlefield visits across France, Belgium and Germany when I was a kid. The movie works well on many levels, and Brad Pitt did a spectacular job, anchoring the story and providing depth to the character of  Don “Wardaddy” Collier.

The Judge



The Judge is directed by David Dobkin, and it stars Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga and of course Robert Downey, Jr., who impressively plays the central character. The movie is about a trial in Indiana, where Billy Bob Thornton is great as the opposing attorney. Above all the movie is about a father-son relationship, and it packs an emotional punch.



Lucy is a science-fiction film starring the captivating Scarlett Johansson, and Morgan Freeman is excellent as the scientist. As with many movies, there are people behind the scenes dropping clues. This film is pregnant with messages about how this world really works, the vast and limitless potential of humanity (presently locked in our DNA, and repressed across a full spectrum of economic, political and cultural structures). Science fiction my ass – there is nothing in this movie that is not true.

Lights, Camera, Action


What if the latest ISIS provocations are just cinematic stunts?

What if the stories of the Christians being beheaded on the beach in Libya, and the Kurdish prisoners in cages, are hoaxes? Psychological warfare?

How easy it would be for an off-books and off-grid intelligence operation, NATO oriented, to simply “produce” these videos on a set in Saudi Arabia, and then diffuse them throughout the pliant global media complex?

It would be very easy. They’ve done it before, running up to the first Gulf War and the Iraq War: fake news about fake incubators; fake news about Iraq and 911, fake news about WMD, etc… Practice makes perfect (not that they have to be perfect, since so few people have the guts to call them out on it).

Consider the use of the words in bold and underlined, taken from the latest headlines:

“ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing what appears to be Kurdish Peshmerga fighters paraded down Iraqi streets in cages.”

“A new ISIS propaganda video claims to show Kurdish Peshmerga fighters being paraded in cages. CNN’s Phil Black reports.”

“A screengrab showing images reportedly of Kurdish peshmerga fighters being paraded in cages around the city of Kirkuk by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants.”

This is not just a case of the media distancing itself from unconfirmed reports. This is the way of this cult I have mentioned on this site, a rather small but multinational and multiethnic faction, dedicated to centralizing global power and preventing humanity’s emancipation.

Well, they do live by a code of honor (at least their ghost writers do). We’re telling you that we are lying to you, if you care to pay attention.

If you don’t believe me, perhaps you might believe Fox News. On February 21, Fox News ran a story focusing on the likelihood that the ISIS beheading of 21 Christians on the beach was a complete hoax.

Fox News explained how the video that was seen around the world (except for the beheading part) shows many indications of manipulation and the use of a green screen.

Of course, it must be added that without any basis, Fox News speculated that the Christians were still murdered (what, put down by injection to maintain the fiction?) With the video exposed as fraudulent, Fox was still clinging to the central narrative.

So, after a week or so of disseminating this fake story as real, those behind-the-scenes ordered Fox News to tip still another card at the poker table, to clue more people in. Why? Because not enough people are picking up on the lie, that’s why!

The video in question is 1.48 minutes.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet


If ISIS manages to penetrate Italy’s airspace (with one of a few jets they purportedly own) and drop one bomb, then we can officially inaugurate the start of World War III.

NATO’s Article 5 provides for the collective defense of the alliance: “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.” All roads lead to Rome after all. At least, the Road to World War III does.

Never mind that the ISIS airforce, based on a few captured planes, traces its origins to NATO’s helping jihadists in Libya and Syria, or that the 2003 Iraq war created a large number of pissed-off Arab youth. One of the blessings of the modern West (for its oligarchs) is that there is no historical memory, and no one is held responsible for calamities if they happened the month before last. There is absolutely no chain of causality between A, B, and C.

Mainstream media relies on the usual catchwords to scare people, but it also reported that ISIS pilots were being trained by Saddam Hussein’s ex-air force officers. If this media manages to pair “ISIS” with “Hussein” in the same sentence then it will be updating the playbook it used for “911″ and “Hussein.”

One wonders by the way, if the ISIS airforce paints its insignia on the tail. Is it ISIS? Or ISIL? Or even IS? All three terms are being bandied about, obfuscating the identity of an enemy that is partially trained, funded and even directed by the usual cloak-and-dagger crowd. ISIS needs no training with daggers, though, apparently, if the story about the beach decapitations is entirely true and we really can believe the headlines (pun intended).

It’s all about timing. The West is experiencing parallel and somewhat related developments, with more bizarre terror attacks in European capitals; with a patina of Cold War fervor directed at a more traditional rival, Russia; and with the Eurozone being fossilized into a low-unemployment and no-growth region, where Greece wants no part of the Clockwork Orange future, but knows not that everything must go.

Those three plotlines – which could be the basis for a new Robert Ludlum novel – will eventually converge into a Grand Finale, a well-timed climax, and a satisfying one at that for enemies of humanity.

Well, we know that World War III will probably not start before September 24, because someone convinced Pope Francis to talk before Congress, which mostly consists of avatars for corporate fat cats, eastern seaboard blue-bloods, predatory bankers, and fashionable designers (of global control), who periodically walk the runway themselves, showing a little flesh to sell the latest cut.

No matter what the Pope says or does, by agreeing to stand before the snakepit, his very presence will unfortunately bless the first large battle of World War III.

Winter Storm

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Safety first! Rochester, NY.

Next: Toronto Feb 24 to Chengdu, China via Abu Dhabi on Etihat Airlines