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It’s A Strange World

Yemen is now the site of cross-cutting conflict, between the disintegrated Sunni-backed government and Shia rebels. Simultaneously, there are extreme jidahist forces unhappy with any prevailing power and seek to establish an Islamic State.

What is odd is that a new “coalition” has been cobbled together to keep the Shia rebels at bay, mostly with bombing campaigns that have killed hundreds of civilians.

This coalition might be called a “coalition of the absurd,” as it is formed by various nations who cannot or will not defend themselves under any circumstances, but who are willing to use their own armies to intervene in the affairs of Yemen.

What can their generals possibly say? “We’re designed not to defend, but rather to meddle.”

The map below shows where US/NATO are either based or have access:

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, who allow foreign military and intelligence agents to trespass on their lands, are part of this coalition.

The map above suggests that Egypt and Jordan have no formal shared basing agreements, but both countries receive massive amounts of western financial and military aid, also undermining their sovereignty.

How Morocco and Sudan became part of this coalition is anyone’s guess – not that this needs explaining, being a “coalition of the absurd.”

This Confederacy of Dunces is determined to resurrect a deeply unpopular and weak government, regardless of the destruction wrought upon Yemen.



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Wenshu Monastery






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